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Art in video games is as important as the video game itself, because every gamer, as much as he wants to play a game designed to give you the best playing experience, wants to have something good to look at while having that experience. There is a lot to be seen from video game art in 2019, but we will list 11 games that are most noteworthy.

Here Are 11 Examples of the Best Video Game Art in 2019:

11. Astroneer

astroneer video game art 2019

A sandbox adventure game developed by System Era Softworks. You are tasked to develop and colonize planets by gathering resources and building structures. But even better, you get a very good viewing experience and enjoyment while doing that. Astroneer is awesome so share the fun!

10. RAD

rad game graphics 2019

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, RAD is a 3D rogue-like action game that shows humanity facing Armageddon a second time. Due to providing beautiful art and a great gameplay experience, this one definitely enters the contest for the best video game art in 2019.

9. Stormland

stormland video game art in 2019

A game featuring a vast open world that is partly procedural and partly hand-crafted, with options to craft, climb and glide within it. Furthermore, it includes very good graphic performances and beautiful scenery. All in all, a great game to play and enjoy, down to the last pixel.

8. God of War

god of war game

An action-adventure video game which takes inspiration from Norse mythology and has spectacular graphics and art. Certainly a very good game to play and have fun with, on top of looking as good as you can expect from a contestant for the best video game art in 2019.

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7. Control

control video game

Another game with great art and an even more developed story that will keep you playing for days. Control is a 3D game taking place in New York, where a secret agency is invaded by an alien threat. You are made the director of it and given the task to take back control.

6. Samurai Gunn 2

samurai gunn 2 video game art 2019

A 2D game featuring interesting scenery and even more interesting gameplay. You are trying to discover the mystery behind Gunn City’s ghostly threat as you fight or fly past many foes. Very good video game art that surely needs your attention.

5. Valor’s Reach

valors reach mobile

A mobile game based on magical duels, as well as strategy and counterstrategy. Being an example of the best video game art in 2019 and offering great playing experience, this game is a must try if you are a mobile gaming fanatic.

4. Ghost of Tsushima

ghost of tsushima

Played in a third person perspective with a large open world at your grasp that you can explore and enjoy. In this game you have the best video game art with a lot of fun stuff along the way, like completing quests or just fighting off enemies that you don’t feel like letting live.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

red dead redemption 2 2019

If you are looking for a great gaming experience on top of good looking graphics, you are in the right place. This game has everything, from horse riding to shooting and exploring vast regions. But if you are not into that sort of experience you can just sit and watch everything going on around you, because it gives you some of the best video game art you could ask for.

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2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

assassins creed odyssey

Similarly to the previous one, this game gives you lots of things to be happy about. Giving you control of a ship to explore the beautifully made seas, as well as climbing and exploring beautiful regions made just for you to enjoy – there is nothing more to ask for from a game. Definitely some of the best video game art, with a great story on top of it. Get AC Odyssey!

1. Grand Theft Auto V

gta v nature image

Finally, we have a game that is maybe not known for its art, but if you look at it there is surely something you can enjoy seeing. From precisely made nature and urban cities to characters having their own identity, you will fall in love with the game’s video game art and look into the pixel to grasp everything it can offer.

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