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things forbidden in esports

When you pursue a career in Esports, make sure you know what you are getting into. There are certain codes of conduct you must follow to avoid many many issues. New issues can arise often, so we must put heads on a swivel and be mindful of who we can effect by what we do. This means you must avoid doing these 15 things forbidden in Esports.

One thing is that you don’t need to lie about are your emotions. We can let our imaginations go crazy in our heads or thought processes. But still, we have to remain humble and respectful and come back to reality. Below we will dive into the topic to inform our fellow Esports community on.

15 Things Forbidden in Esports

15. Brainboosting

This is a way where medications can boost a competitors focus greatly, which in turn give this individual an unfair advantage against his/her opponent. Its better off just practicing the game really hard to get better results.

14. Worked on a game yourself, trying to play pro

Its not fair if you were employed by a company that developed or published a game but attempted to compete professionally. Its just not right, you would an overwhelming amount of knowledge on the game that your opponent doesn’t have.

13. Throwing The Game

Gamer boy throwing match

A professional just shouldn’t and can’t throw a game. This can lead to being booted from a league that you participate in. It also takes the fun away too. Just play to the best of your ability.

12. Behavior

Player shall always conduct themselves in a matter when everything is respected. If one player is disrespectful towards competition it can encourage more to act the same.

11. Passing Tips on Cheats

This refers to glitches and cheat codes. Yes you can get into trouble recommending these advantages. Simply don’t refer them to people.

10. Don’t lie about where you are residing

Certain leagues perform or operate in certain areas. You would be expected to represent that area or region.

9. Hacking

hackerman things forbidden in esports

What a cheater thinks of himself.

Hacking is a big no-no in Esports. Nobody shall be able to control the way is played. Not even when you play when you don’t have an audience, still its just not right.

8. Hate Speech

Esports players should already have in their minds that you are to behave like a citizen. Professionals shall act as such, professionals. Speaking in any extreme type of disrespect can pose a big problem and eventually lead to you being fired. Hate speech is probably one of the more ‘dangerous’ things forbidden in Esports.


7. Don’t Ignore Official Language of League

Why compete in a league when you can’t understand any of the language? There can be spoken or written information or guidelines to follow. Ignoring information to compete isn’t wise, know what you are signing up for.

6. Baiting

Throwing direct insults around or at an opponent will quickly get you banned. Using words to get an individual “fired up” in certain ways goes back to being a professional. This can affect a match if you think about it. This can provide a huge advantage for the one who uses this and tosses away the focus for others. Always be professional.

5. Pick Your Gamertag With Respect

forbidden Esports inappropriate nametag

Gamertags such as these are a NO-GO!!

Remember, this can give off an expectation or assumption about the type of person you are or may be. Bad or just very inappropriate names aren’t allowed in leagues anyway. Please be careful in the name you choose.

4. Don’t Lie To The Admin

This is easily a ban in leagues.  Admins help tournaments run smooth and by the book. Making up stories to deceive them is another no-go. Another lesser-known of the things forbidden in Esports.

3. Your Jersey

Esports jersey

Fictional jersey design by: Seb.M

Professionals are not allowed at all to cover their jersey while in the middle of league games. The colors you rep you must show.

2. Not Approving Roster

You just simply can’t misrepresent the team. What if you become so proud of becoming a part of a team, but you’re not approved to the updated roster, that would suck right?


1. Don’t Ignore Social Media Responsibilities

Ignoring your duties can lose you some recognition. Social Media and sponsors are watching. Be active because the hard work shall pay off.

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