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2018 worlds skins lol

The skins commemorating the first League of Legends World championship win for a team not from Korea in 5 years have finally been revealed. The 2018 Worlds skins commemorating Invictus Gaming’s historic win over Fnatic in Korea have just hit the PBE earlier this week.

For the 2 top laner TheShy and Duke their choices were Fiora and Irelia respectively, the Jungler and finals MVP Ning chose Camille whilst mid laner Rookie opted for Leblanc as his champion option with Kai’sa and Rakan for the botlane of Jackeylove and Baolan.

The 2018 Worlds skins skins are all primarily white with  black accented wings and all sport a blonde haircut and feature their respective player’s signature whilst recalling.

IG League of Legends

Other skins that accompany the stylish six are the new Conqueror Alistar which will no doubt be contributing to the prize pool of this years MSI along with  Galaxy Slayer Zed a new Legendary skin which features all new animations, voice lines and finally reveals the face of League of Legends most iconic shadow assassin as well as the last Prestige K/DA skin with K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition.


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