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Recently, a new play format had its debut – 2v2. As 2v2 teams in FIFA showed a lot of potential, proving popular with both players and spectators, we may be seeing more of the setup.

The third ever FIFA eClub World Cup happened last weekend. This time, every organization had one player per team on each console (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). They had a best-of-three format, with each team’s players of each consoles battle in first two battles. In the event of a tie after these, they tossed a coin to determine the console and the deciding match would be played in a 2v2 teams in FIFA format.

 2v2 teams in FIFA

This format introduces new abilities and scenarios that are not possible in a 1v1, such as, who would control the goalkeeper’s movements? With two players per team, this setup enhanced the viewing experience for both the players and spectators.

Donovan Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt and Nicolas “Nicolas99fc” Villalba are past tournament winners. Their comments on the new setups are as follows: “It’s probably my favorite tournament I’ve ever played in. The 1v1 tournaments are really stressful but when it’s 2v2 it’s just funny and a bit of a laugh. Luckily, me and Nicolas were good together in the 2v2s so when one of us lost, the other one could pull us through.”

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Nicolas99fc added, agreeing: “It was my favorite too. I prefer 2v2 and I want more team formats, maybe even Pro Clubs, but I also want to still compete in 1v1s, too.”

This format is relatively new, but it proved itself with lots of positive feedback. We are looking forward to seeing more 2v2 teams in FIFA, as they lower stress and seemingly improve the overall experience of the game.

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