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Best fifa 19 formations

Often, you’ll find yourself tangled among the broad array of formations FIFA 19 has to offer. Having a better understanding of how to benefit from each and one of them will come as crucial if you are to progress in the game. With more extensive knowledge, not only will you be able to improve your Ultimate Team, but conclusively outmaneuver opponents no matter what the balance of power might be. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player looking to extend his knowledge, we’ll be hoping our list of the best FIFA 19 tactics will leave you with plenty of goals and a clean sheet to look back on with pride.

Before we get into the list, we’ll have to look at some of the vital components that will determine what formation you’ll be choosing.

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One of the great things about the FIFA Ultimate Team is that you get to build your team from scratch. While doing so, it is necessary to adjust players you will be selecting for your squad accordingly with the formation you’ll be playing. Those who are new to the game and still haven’t acquired any significant signings should expect matches in which they stand little chance on paper. Therefore, picking an offensive formation will open up too many gaps once the possession is lost. Furthermore, attacks will have limited efficiency due to the defensive superiority of your opponents back lines.


On the other hand, if you managed to get your grip on some of the more exquisite acquisitions, you’ll be looking to implement your play-style on the opponent. However, a star player might find himself isolated and not get a single chance throughout the game. Another common problem would be that you are unable to respond to opponents high pressure. Consequently, you’ll wind up being closed in on your half of the pitch, where every slip leads to a fatal outcome.

Both of these problems share in common a lack of tactical knowledge, which can be easily overwhelmed with an adequate understanding of formations. We’ll be aiming to meet with each of these problems in an attempt to make Ultimate Team a more pleasurable experience. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best FIFA 19 formations.

What are the best FIFA 19 formations?

4-3-3 Attacking

Most often, you’ll end up stumbling against this formation. What makes it one of the best FIFA 19 formations is its ability to produce goal scoring opportunities. Aside from the wingers, you’ll be looking to put your CAM to good use. Not only will he be a threat to the opposition’s goalie if given the space, but will produce a link between the center of the field and attack. Upon receiving the ball, he will force the back lines to close him down, opening gaps for your strikers to fill.

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With your players set wide, it will be hard for the opposition to close down your attacks. If you manage to lose their wing-back, the only option left for them is to close you down with a center-back. That will leave them vulnerable for crosses, as you have two players ready to receive the ball. In other instances, your wing will be able to cut inside, creating a similar situation, only this time, you’ll be looking to pass the ball, not cross it. Wing-backs can also be used to aid the attacking four, pressuring the opposition even further.

When it comes to the middle of the pitch, it will be the pillar from which you coordinate your attacks. At disposal, two center midfielders will be waiting. They will need to operate a box-to-box play-style, providing both offense and defense for the team. Although they come handy in the attack, use them cautiously, as they are the wall separating the opposition from your back lines. Some would suggest leaving one at the back, while the other progresses forward. By doing so, you will have an additional player to break into the box.

Although this formation will be providing you goal scoring opportunities, it can be fatal as well. If you are an underdog in a match or lacking players who can keep up with the attacking momentum, you’ll only end up opening space for the opposition. Pacey wingers will be essential for evading the back lines.


With this formation, you’ll be getting a slight variation to the 3-5-2, and the difference is a drop of the attacking midfielder to center, and the addition of a defensive midfielder. It is considered to be one of the best FIFA 19 formations due to its immense control of the middle of the pitch.

Best fifa 19 formations

When playing this formation, you’ll be relying on your CDM to send in some good passes and open up the play. Wingers will also be significant, as they are required to maintain the balance between the attacks, leaving enough room for the CM’dr to walk into play-making positions.

For this to work, you’ll be required to maintain a steady velocity, building up the play and eventually closing down on the opposition’s box. However, be wary not to lose control over the center of the park, as three at the back can be easily overwhelmed by wingers.


There’s no mistake when it comes to this formation. It maintains a balance throughout the field, leaving plenty of possibilities for alternations. Goal scoring opportunities won’t be hard to achieve, as your forwards remain closely linked to the striker. They’ll be looking to deliver the through balls or swipe beside the defense. With that said, you’ll be relying more on the front three to create opportunities inside the box, rather than delivering crosses from wider areas.

Best fifa fut formations

If you are holding on to a lead, the striker can be left isolated, with the two up-front retreating back to help with the defense. Midfielders can also be re-positioned to take on the role of CDM.

However, with this formation, you’ll be lacking wide options, as most of the offensive power is situated narrowly. That means the wing-backs will be required to join in the attacks. Nevertheless, It is hard to find a flaw in such a stable structure, so there’s no doubt 4-3-2-1 is one of the best FIFA 19 formations.

4-2-3-1 Narrow

Once more, we are looking into a seemingly narrow formation. At first glance, your opponents might be thinking you are in for a defensive play-style. However, on the contrary, 4-2-3-1 Narrow will be leaving you with plenty of options.

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With the two defensive midfielders, you’ll be getting a strong outpost at the center, with the wing-backs charging in to provide width for the team. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to cut-off passing balls, and provide strong attacks once you do so. If CAM is left forward with the strikers, he’ll be providing a strong link with the middle of the pitch and have two options to choose from when attacking.

You’ll be looking to play short passes with this formation, and possibilities will open either narrowly, or wide when your backs start marching in. If you’re holding on to a lead, don’t hesitate to send your midfielders out wide, as great flexibility makes 4-2-3-1 one of the best FIFA 19 positions.


Although this formation is not the most popular pick, it certainly helped me contend against stronger opponents with weaker teams. Five at the back will provide you with a rock-solid defense while leaving options for counter attacks.

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With 5-3-2, wing backs will be essential, as they will provide you with width and offensive options. You’ll be looking to begin your attacks from the back, using CB’s to deliver long balls or create other passing options. Be cautious when sending the ball to midfielders, as it leaves room for error.

Once you get a hold of a lead, it will be hard for the opposition to change the scoreboard, leaving more space for your counter-attacks as they push forward. 5-3-2 will require patience and a precise passing game, but once subdued, it will prove worthy of being one of the best defensive formations in FIFA 19.


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