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We will look at some things that drove Madden players crazy in the past that will thankfully be changed in Madden 20 gameplay. Some mechanics in the game drastically change the fate more than others but are still a tad insane. Some of these actions are just ridiculous and are rarely performed in real life by players who don’t really have that kind of athletic ability with the elements of weather against them. I’m talking about animations that are performed in the game that beats a well timed skilled response. There should be a risk/reward aspect between users for timing and skill, in past Madden’s we haven’t got that. Let’s talk about it shall we.

Number 1 is the “user spin/juke”. This animation beats the timing of a “hit stick” tackle or regular tackle almost every time. Lots of players claim this is unfair because regardless the ball carrier’s spin ability rating, the ball carrier beats the first approaching tackler quite easily. Even if the tackler has high rating tackling, he still loses in this short battle. Weirdly, non-user controlled defenders usually make the tackle effectively.

madden 20 jukes

Secondly is the “user strip”. Avid players call this the “user strip spam” because its a load of crap. The chances of causing a strip fumble are about 70% with a 30% chance of the defense recovering at any point at tackle can be attempted. That’s a pretty high rate compared to an actually NFL game. Changes are being made to give the game more a realistic feel.

Next is the “User Linebacker Lurks” when the LB’s are making better catching interceptions in the game just as great as Odell Beckham Jr.’s famous one handed catch numerous times in a game. This drives us crazy as we use all the ways to avoid these LB’s such using lob or bullet passes for example. In real life Linebacker’s aren’t the fastest or most athletic players on the field. But in Madden, they seem to be somehow with some of the most amazing hands you’ve ever seen. Its rumored that the LB’s gameplay will focus more shedding blocks, defending the run and making tackles like a realistic, classic LB.

Fourth on my list was in my last sentence, Block Shed Defense. Some people pick a defensive formation with no real strategy behind it. They’re simply picking it because they don’t know how to pick defense and they still get pressure. Some formations in the game are hard to block and the developers need to improve offensive lineman recognition. I understand if a superstar like J.J. Watt quickly beats blocking, but there are defensive linemen not close his rating that are looking like Hall of Famers sometimes during online play. That is just not right.

Lastly and not least these scrambling or uncalled for backwards runs to get off a perfect cross body throw in any weather. Yes “Cross Body Throwing” will be evaluated and edited in Madden 20. Rumor has it that if you control a Quarterback and run backwards away from safety you shall lose throwing accuracy and throwing power. Meaning even your target you desired to throw to really deep down the field that you purposely bought time for to get open won’t be there to miraculously catch the ball.

madden 20 gameplay

But an exception will be made for those Quarterbacks in the game who are known for pulling off these throws regularly like Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton and Patrick Mahomes.

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Hopefully you guys enjoyed the article. I will be back to inform and discuss more Madden 20 gameplay material in the future.

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