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Throughout the decade, teams from all around the world have been competing for money, fame, and most importantly, to be the best on Dota 2’s professional scene. They have fought tournament by tournament, changed their rosters and trained immensely, and with showing courage, endurance, and passion to the world, they made it clear what it takes to be the best.

Starting their journey by playing Dota from their homes’ PC, then moving to the first LAN tournament in the closest PC Caffé, to their qualification for the first Minor, which open their doors to their first Major, and then showing themselves worthy to be invited to The International, and win, here are the 5 Hardest Mothafukin Teams in Dota 2:

5. Fnatic

Image credit: Fnatic

Dota 2 team Fnatic is currently the best team in the South East Asia region and is known for its ups and downs, but never giving up attitude. The first team was forged on March 30th, 2012 with its roster consisting of N0tail, NoVa, Fly, Era, H4nn1, with Trixi replacing NoVa later on. Unfortunately, the team had no success on the Dota 2’s professional scene, and in 2014 each and every member left the mothafukin team.

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In 2016, just before The International, the team reassembled with a big turnaround with its brand new roster – DJ, MP, Abed, Jabz, and iceiceice. Coming out as semi-finalists at The International 2016, Fnatic started gaining rekogintion. Not much later, they came out as 5th-6th on premier events such as The Shanghai Major and The Manila Major, adding to their success.

Image credit: Fnatic

It is admirable to see that a team whose first roster disbanded completely in 2014, come back to life as South East Asia’s #1. For this, they honorably deserve the 5th place at the 5 Hardest Mothafukin Teams in Dota 2.

4. Na’Vi

Image credit: Na’Vi

Dota 2 team Natus Vincere (on Latin: Born to win), also known as Na’Vi, is the most famous Ukraine team ever to be seen in the Dota 2’s professional scene. The team was formed in October 2010, with its main roster being forged on June 17th, 2011. The team included XBOCT, LighTofHeaven, ArtStyle, Puppey, and one and only Danil „Dendi“ Ishutin.

With their first invitation to The International in 2011, they were ready to set their mark on the world. Fighting among 16 top teams from around the world for a grand prize of staggering 1.6 million dollars, Na’Vi came out as champions defeating their opposing finalists 3:1.

After coming out as champions of The International 2011, Na’Vi were on their way of success by winning a vast amount of tournaments in 2012. Being invited to The International 2012, Na’Vi was determined to defend their title but ended losing in the grand finals 1:3 to Invictus Gaming. The same followed in 2013, where they lost in the fifth match 2:3 against Alliance.

From this point onward, Na’Vi’s roster, as well as their drive for success crumbled. As years passed, and with too often roster changes, even the mothafukin Dendi left the team.

Image credit: Na’Vi

Na’Vi over the decade had its glory, as well as their downfall. Such success in such a short period of time will never be forgotten, and with this said, they respectfully deserve the 4th place on the list of 5 Hardest Muthafukin Teams in Dota 2.

3. Evil Geniuses

Image credit: Evil Geniuses

Dota 2 North American team Evil Geniuses joined the Dota 2 professional scene in 2011. The first roster was composed of next players: DeMoN, PlaymatE, Fear, MiSeRy, and Pajkatt. But throughout 2012-13 with their given effort, the team didn’t achieve much success, and there was a need for a change.

In 2014, EG’s roster consisted of all new players. With Arteezy, mason, UNiVeRsE, Zai, and strong leadership from ppd, EG came as a 3rd place on The International 2014. With gained momentum, EG didn’t stop there. After winning 1st place at Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015, they went for The International 2015 with full force. First place was at their disposal, as well as the grand prize of 6 million dollars.

Image credit: The Mothafukin International

Their success followed with 3rd place victories at The Frankfurt Major, The Shanghai Major and The International 2016 and 2018, taking home roughly 5 million in cash.

With such success gained, Evil Geniuses come to spot 3 on the 5 Hardest Mothafukin Teams in Dota 2.

2. Team Liquid

Image credit: Team Liquid

Dota 2 Team Liquid was forged in 2012 to became one of the most successful western teams. But until that moment, they had to go through a lot. From the beginning, Team Liquid’s rosters were inefficient in finding the right members to synergize. In The International 2013, and The International 2014 they were kicked out in the early stages, inducing some radical changes were needed to be input.

After a year of conducting the right team setup, the Dota 2 professional scene had it coming. MATUMBAMAN, FATA-, MinD_ContRoL, JerAx, and with Kuro Salehi “KuroKy” Takhasomi and his tactical leadership, Team Liquid started taking prize by prize, until they hit the jackpot – The International 2017, looting roughly $11.000.000, and all the fame that comes with it.

Image credit: Another Mothafukin International

With great patience, and the team’s ability to endure such tension, Team Liquid comes to our 2nd place on the 5 Hardest Mothafukin Teams in Dota 2.

1. Team Secret

Image credit: Team Secret

Team Secret is a European team, that was formed after Na’Vi and Fnatic both underperformed at The International 2014. Their two key members of either organization, KuroKy and N0tail, had an idea for a team that was run by the players. Kuroky brought on his friend and teammate on Na’Vi, Puppey, while N0tail brought on his friend and teammate, Fly.

From 2015 to 2018, Team Secret has won the variety of tournaments around the world with roughly 8 million in the bag, without giving any part from their hard-work deserved money to any organization, and they have just begun. Since 2019 began, Secret has been on its unmatched win streak, with only one loss added to their rising carrier.

Team Secret did it on its own, and has shown us that the players need no mothafukin organization maneuvering their actions to become one of the best there is in this world, and for this I proudly present our #1 team of the 5 Hardest Mothafukin Teams in Dota 2.


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