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Since the beginning of time, the forging of teams has been the toughest operation to deal with. It is known that with gaining experience, changing team players and with training each and every day, some of the best teams have formed over the past years, and trust me, they ain’t nuttin to F with.

5. Royal Never Give Up

Image credit: RNG

Royal Never Give Up, also known as RNG, has never had its luck throughout its carrier. Most of the time, RNG were scoring high, but never to win. Only until 2018 RNG managed to win their first LPL title. But for what they’re famous about, is their international performance. Whether its IEM, MSI, or even Worlds, RNG always finds its place challenging the Korean League of Legends teams, making 2018 as their most spectacular year of all time, by winning 5 out of 6 competitions they’ve come upon.

The spark of the team is their AD carry Uzi, and with that, RNG never hesitates to modify its roster around him. Throughout the years, RNG had a variety of top-tier players such as infamous inSec, Mata, NaMei, and Xiaohu.

Image credit: RNG

With an unbreakable spirit, Royal Never Give Up takes its 5th place at the 5 League of Legends Teams You Don’t Want To F With.

4. Cloud9

Image credit: Cloud9

The distinguishable team Cloud9, emerged from five friends uniting to become one, breaking into the NA LCS, winning the tournament, and leaving everyone in a state of shock. The story itself is epic, but what makes them even more unique, is their control over the most competitive league in their region.

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With Hai being the mastermind behind Cloud9, the NA LCS was a piece of cake. With his straightforward shot calling, Cloud9 went unrivaled for over a year, and it was only when they were about to maintain their third title, that TSM figured out how to overcome their tactic.

Image credit: Cloud9

With a long run of being undisputed, Cloud9 comes to our 4th place on the 5 League of Legends Teams You Don’t Want To F With.

3. Fnatic

Image credit: Fnatic

Fnatic have come a long road, beginning with their triumph over the season one premier World Championship. Since then, they’ve been giving constant pressure to top-tier teams such as Moscow 5, CLG.EU, and Alliance.

With time passing, Fnatic built up their international reputation. As a matter of fact, at Worlds 2018 they came out as second, giving the best international result a Western team has managed to have since season 1.

Image credit: World Championship

Fnatic is a fantastic competitor, who always composed a threat for the opposing teams, and with their ferociousness, they humbly deserve the 3rd place on the 5 League of Legends Teams You Don’t Want To F With.

Fnatic Today.

2. Samsung White

Image credit: Samsung White

You may wonder why Samsung White when it’s well known for their short period of time on the scene. Well, let me tell you. This is a League of Legends team that bumped into the scene and changed everything. They’ve shown the world the finesse of macro, unpredictable lane-swaps and included teleport summoner spell when no other did.

In 2014 World Championship, they startled the world. Samsung White swiped through the entire qualify series, destroyed TSM, Samsung Blue, and Royal Club, making one of the best League of Legends teams in the world look like Solo Queue lineups.

Image credit: Samsung White

This event was written down in history as one the most progressive to ever change League of Legends gameplay, from which we graciously welcome them to the 2nd place of 5 League of Legends Teams You Don’t Want To F With.

1. SKT T1

Image credit: Riot Games

SKT T1 is known for its merciless playstyle, high precision shot-calling, and bulletproof win streaks.  Some say that they are less of a team, but more of a machine that dismantles anyone that may dare stand in their path.

Winning 4 Worlds titles in a row, SKT T1 refuse to give in mind any idea of failure. Everyone is trying to figure out how to outmaneuver them, but SKT T1 always get them back.

Also noteworthy to mention, SKT T1 is known to host only the best players in the world, starting with the legend of all time, Faker. Faker is a kind of his own. Given to his flawless mechanics, Faker has been known to single-handedly carry out the entire SKT T1 team when needed.

With the undisputed team and a one-man-army you don’t want to F with, we proudly present to you the #1 at the 5 League of Legends Teams You Don’t Want To F With.


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