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Fortnite World Cup Dissapointment

Many video games have been very successful and resulted just as if not better than how the developers had hoped. However, in this article, we are going to be discussing The 7 Biggest Flops in Esports. Please do keep in mind that these are in no particular order.

7. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 biggest flops in Esports

There are many video games that do not have competitive goals, in which the developers did not plan to create the game for competitive players. When games that are competitive by design are not supported so by the developers, it is a recipe for the game to potentially become one of the biggest flops in Esports. One example of a game like this is Destiny 2. After the success of Destiny 1, and the announcement that a second Destiny would release, fans were ecstatic.

But soon, many of those fans just turned away from the game. Destiny 2 had an amazing story mode, but it was short, and lasted just 2 hours, something that upset many players. In addition to this, a former professional player by the name of Psycho described The Destiny 2 Crucible, Destiny’s main competitive gamemode, as “Not skill based whatsoever. The game was made to reward the causal gamer, rather than rewarding the more devoted, skillful player.

Destiny crucible game mode

This was okay in casual gamemodes, but players headed to the crucible to showcase their skill and see how they lineup with the best of the best. In Destiny 2, you couldn’t do this because the game was so luck based.” From Psycho’s insight on the failures of Destiny 2, it seemed that Bungie [the developers] wanted no part in giving competitive gameplay, and wanted as many people as possible to purchase and spend money on the game.

Although this did not immediately cause the downfall of Destiny 2, when Bungie launched their 3rd expansion pack within the first 6 months of the game being out, most of the Destiny 2 players who bought the game either quit, or stopped buying anything within the game until they could no longer play without making a purchase. And at that point, they all quit.

6. Star Wars Battlefront

star wars battlefront

Even though the gaming community is lucky enough to have competitive games that stick around for years like League of Legends, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and more, there are several games that did not last like these. Another game that became one of the biggest flops in Esports was the Star Wars Battlefront Series. With the reemergence of Star Wars came the idea to famous game developer Electronic Arts (EA) to create a new Star Wars video game.

Star Wars Battlefront was craved by fans, and there were many people going towards the hype from all sorts of gaming backgrounds. The launch was projected to be one of the biggest in Esports history, which it was. However, shortly after the release of the game, most fans stopped playing it simply because there was no single player gamemode. EA, about a year later release Star Wars Battlefront 2, in which they correct this issue. But it was too little, too late and the Battlefront Series collapsed.

5. Assassins Creed Unity

Assassins creed unity

The third biggest flop in Esports that we will be looking at is Assassins Creed Unity. Before the launch of what was believed to be another great addition to the Assassins Creed series, players were informed that the game was set to be locked at 900p resolution and only 30 frames per second.


Many players were shocked and frustrated as this would limit their ability, and the belief was that this was only being done to support Xbox players. At the launch of the game, many players still purchased it, however, due to several visual and gameplay bugs, the game turned into a meme amongst the Assassins Creed community.

4. Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem forever

Our 4th game that we are going to take a look at is Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem Forever was set to release in 1996, however, after many delays, the game eventually became a joke in the Duke Nukem series. Finally, in 2011, after being picked up by a new game developer, Duke Nukem Forever was set to launch. After the launch, however, the game was made fun of as it was very subpar. Fans said it seemed to have been made for the consoles two generations prior to it, and because of the 15 years of delay in the games launch, we understand why the game became one of the biggest flops in Esports.

3. Madden 19

madden 19 esports

The next biggest flop in Esports is not the game Madden 19, but an event that occured within the biggest Madden 19 tournament, at E3. The official GameStop account was asked if there would be a battle royale mode within the game, and GameStop was unsure. Since GameStop was unsure, they responded by saying “If it does – we got dibs on Ray Rice.” This was extremely inappropriate and offensive to many people, including women who have suffered domestic violence.

In 2014, Ray Rice was caught on video assaulting his girlfriend in an elevator, and never made a return to the NFL after being released from the Baltimore Ravens at the time. Therefore, when GameStop responded to a question regarding a battle royale, meaning last man standing type of gamemode with a comment saying they would choose Ray Rice, is absolutely unacceptable for a gaming company. Thankfully, GameStop later apologized.


2. Radical Heights

Radical Heights

Our second to last biggest flop in Esports is Radical Heights. Radical Heights was a 1980s style Battle Royale, and was released after Fortnite’s great success. The makers assumed that Radical Heights would receive similar success to Fortnite, due to the similarities between the games. However, Radical Heights servers went blank, as almost a month after the launch, the developers shut the game down completely because of simply just having a lack of players. Gotta say it deserves a space on the biggest flops in Esports list.

1. Fortnite

Fortnite Esports

The last, and probably biggest flop in Esports history is the current status of the Fortnite World Cup. Although Fortnite has been the most successful game of all time, their competitive esports have been average at best. After Fortnite had started losing more and more casual players, which frankly, was inevitable as the game had many millions of players, Fortnite made an announcement for the biggest competitive Esports tournament yet. Epicgames, the developers of Fortnite called it the World Cup, and $100 Million are going to be at stake, as the tournament is not until July 26-28, and qualifiers do not end for another 5 weeks.

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The reason this event has been one of the biggest flops thus far isn’t because the inability to spectate players correctly or the many bugs in the game. The biggest issue is the constant change in the games and Epicgames poor responses. For example, when a player was caught cheating in the qualifiers for the World Cup, Epicgames hit him with just a 14 day competitive ban. Yes, that was it. CS-GO is a game that has one of the most successful competitive Esports status’s ever.

Fortnite World Cup

When players were caught cheating in 2016, they all received permanent bans from the game for life, and lost all prizes and prize money received through developer hosted tournaments. But Fortnite on the other hand banned the cheater for just 14 days. In addition, Fortnite also allowed the qualifiers for this $100 Million tournament to playout while two of the major cities were bugged and you could not pass through them. Lastly, Fortnite has been known to make constant change. For example, they added the drum gun, an overpowered weapon back to competitive play.

But not only did Epicgames do this, they removed the Pump Shotgun, the most reliable shotgun in the game that has been counted on by all players, professional and casual, just 3 days before the next qualifier. Had Epicgames made these changes before the qualifiers begun, it would have been okay. However, it seems as if every weekend qualifier there is a new meta, which makes it very difficult for pros to have the same strategy.

In conclusion, there have been successful, and unsuccessful games, and these were some of the biggest flops in Esports. However, since the Fortnite World Cup is still going on, we wish Epicgames the best of luck in making the best changes that benefit everybody and keep their game balanced.


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