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The world of gaming has seen a massive evolution from just playing for fun or to release tension to actually becoming an avenue where one could make good money doing what they love. These days, there are a lot of professional gamers in various esports and this is great news for the singles out there because you get to choose from one of the coolest set of people in the world! Could there be valid reasons to date a professional gamer? Of course! Let’s talk about that.

Now, there have been a lot of stereotype assumptions when it comes to pro gamers as they are said to be nerds who are glued to their game screen but such has been debunked and the reasons to date a pro gamer are endless so you will get 9 awesome reasons to date a professional gamer… Here they come!

9. Pro Gamers are Patient People

patience in gamers

This doggy has the right idea!

Having to wait for a game to load or waiting for the servers of a game to come back up is one thing every professional gamer has had to learn how to do, the ability to preserve is a must in the gaming world and this skill becomes part of their daily lives as well. So why not get a partner that will be patient and ever ready to persevere both in the good times and the bad.

8. They are Brilliant

If you are the sapiosexual kind of person, you should definitely date a pro gamer. Gamers are generally known to be intelligent as gaming actually helps a lot with hand-eye coordination, improves memory and helps one to focus for a longer period of time. Also, gaming makes the mind sharper and gives the brain more reasoning power because most games require gamers to be able to think fast and bring up solutions to obstacles with a limited amount of time. Nobody these days will like to date someone who isn’t intelligent and pro gamers definitely don’t fall on the wrong side!

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7. Not Clingy

Pro gamers do not cling to their partners as they themselves spend a reasonable amount of time competing in different events and playoffs At some point in your relationship, you may be like “I need some alone time” or if you just love having some alone time to yourself then a pro gamer partner is a match . Sometimes there is a need for that space to maintain a healthier relationship and just to focus on your self a bit more and do your own thing.

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6.Very Thoughtful

Playing video games especially as a pro gamer requires one to think a whole lot not just only about the game but also about a whole lot of factors surrounding the game, Pro gamers are very careful people because they are always trying to make vital gaming decisions that will have an output. Pro gamers just don’t just do things without first thinking about it plus they pay great attention to detail.

5. Quite Emotional

reasons to date professional gamer

Yes, this reason is actually very true and especially for pro gamers who are in a team. Competing in any game is quite tense and it requires a lot of effort and emotion from you, pro gamers are very expressive of how they feel about a particular situation and they also take into consideration the emotions of others.

4. You Get to Have Cool Gadgets

One of the perks of dating someone who is constantly updated with the latest technological tools is you get to use the coolest gadgets as most pro gamers and their agencies are tech savvy and make it a habit of keeping themselves up to date any cool tech stuff that can help their gamers compete better.

3. Flexible Fingers in Bed

sims 3 lovemaking

Gamers get their tips from Sims! (not really)

Well well well, it just had to be said. Professional gamers take very good care of their finger muscles as most of them can spend about 8- 14 hours on a gamepad all day. So they have to make sure their finger muscles get a lot of care because those fingers are vital to be able to compete well and do other things…

2. Pro Gamers Don’t Need Much

If you do not have much to offer financially wise then walk into the arms of a pro gamer, a lot of pro gamers are the indoor-pizza-movie hangout type of people so you get to be with the person you love even when you don’t have much and when it comes to gifts, you can get them some games.

1. They Don’t Give up Easily

The 9th awesome reason why you should date a professional gamer is that they are not quitters. These people basically spend a whole lot of their time trying to pass a difficult stage or defeat an evil boss so best believe that when it comes to a difficult period in your relationship, they will not just give up but give it all they can!

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So all these are 9 awesome reasons to date a professional gamer. If you thought pro gamers were just people who stared at their screens for long period of time without any social life whatsoever… you were wrong and now that you have seen 9 awesome reasons to date a professional gamer, your question now should be, where can I find one!

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