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Today’s world allows us to follow almost any career path and still manage to earn a living. As for eSports careers, there are a couple that are interesting (this includes a Youtube career but more on that later). For example, becoming an eSports journalist is a fun career path but it takes quite a lot to reach the top. If you have a sense of humor, know the game really well, and generally are charismatic and charming – there’s a pretty good chance you’ll become good at being an eSports journalist. An eSports caster career is also fun!

Or you can simply play eSports and try to reach the top in the competitive scene! Training and playing for the entire day will make the difference and, if you’re consistent and learn from your mistakes, you might just become a star player? You could also try your hand at eSports betting but this isn’t as much of a career path as it is a hobby.  

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But what about Youtube? We already know that Twitch streamers can make it big if they know what they’re doing and it might seem that Youtube works the same, but there are a couple of major differences which you should know.

Can you make a career by being a Youtube personality/gamer/journalist/streamer? The answer is yes! But you’ll have to sit down for some time and do your homework! It’s not as simple as it might seem, even though it’s much easier than 10 years ago (when the likes of NigaHiga, Smosh, and others grazed the Youtube world with their presence).

So, how to Youtube? Here’s our comprehensive and no-bullsh*t guide to making a living with a Youtube career!

Define your Goals

Before you actually start working on your channel and figuring out your online identity, have a couple of goals set. For example, “I want to achieve this in the following 2 months”, with this being whatever you think is plausible.

50 subscribers for a month or two isn’t too little; it’s the best you can hope for unless you work really hard on promoting yourself and your channel.

On top of that, figure out what you want to achieve on a grander scale. One year from now, where do you see yourself and your channel? What type of personality do you want to be?

Understanding your own wishes and goals is part of the experience but also crucial to growing your channel.

Quest Complete text

Source: Monster Hunter World

The Beginnings

Once you’ve defined your goals for the year, month, or each day individually, you can start work on creating your channel. Youtube’s politics are a bit different than what you’ll find on Twitch and it’s arguably tougher to make it using Youtube rather than Twitch.

In any case, use the platform you’re more comfortable with. Back on topic!

Basically, you’ll want to select your channel’s official colors, a logo, maybe even a banner image. The first part of creating a channel on Youtube is always planning ahead. Don’t blindly go into it and then constantly change what you’re doing. A well-prepared activity progression system is miles better than improvising.

So, your brand look:

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Color Combinations

If you go ahead and combine cherry red with radiant blue, no one will even look at your logo (or banner or whatever). Selecting good color combinations as the representation of your channel is vital because, well, a great design goes a long way.

Each color signifies some sort of emotion. Red is aggressive whilst blue is more laid-back.

This again comes down to personality; what do you want to be in the eyes of your subscribers? A serious guy doing serious game reviews, or a laid-back fellow just enjoying his job as a gamer?

And ehh, if you can’t figure out a good color combination, you can find guides such as this one:

collection of beautiful color combinations

Source: Pinterest

Logo, Banner, Presentation

I can’t stress this enough: If you plan on using Youtube as a platform for earning money and growing a career, you’ll need to be knowledgeable with recording software, editing software, photo and video manipulation software, etc.

Of course, you can hire someone else to do this stuff for you but it just won’t turn out as good. Although, you don’t have to design the logo and banner yourself; these can be left to an experienced designer but at least do everything else yourself.

Playing a game for 4 hours straight isn’t really interesting unless you already have a nice number of subscribers. So cut it all up and stitch it back together for a shorter, yet funnier and more interesting video.


There are a couple of things to do before you start recording and publishing Youtube videos. Firstly, make a choice regarding what video game niche you’ll be covering on your channel. eSports playing? Giving insight into high-profile tournament games? Whatever your choice may be, it has to be trending and currently popular.

You can change your channels aspects later when you’re a bigger persona in the community but until then, no one will notice your videos if they aren’t related to currently relevant stuff.

On top of that, you’ll want to create an intro for each video (the intro is the same for all videos so not a lot of work needs to be done there) and figure out a format for them.

If you remember the whole Fine Bros Copyright fiasco, you probably already know what a format is.

If you don’t, here’s what it means: Basically, each video should follow the same format (for consistency’s sake). For example:

  • Intro
  • “Hi guys welcome to the show”
  • Gameplay + Commentary
  • Short highlight reel
  • Outro and sign off (“Thanks for watching, smash the like button, share and subscribe”).

This is just a rough example of how your video format might be like. This part is important so make sure you follow these tips.

Here’s how Jay Sea, a relatively well-known LoL Youtuber does a format:

Videos are technically the only way your Youtube career will stay afloat, so remember to follow a schedule!

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Subscribers play the largest part in your success. Of course, you’re the one doing work, but if the general public (or your target audience) starts liking you, there’s no going back.

You can grow your subscriber numbers by constantly putting out videos and reaching for partnerships or shoutouts. More on this a bit later.

One thing that some people forget is that communication with your viewers is crucial. They are human and so are you (surprise surprise), which means that talking with them can cause them to stick with you even through the toughest times.

subscribe button

You can also include donations or the Patreon option which is a smart idea since earning money through Youtube’s ad system doesn’t pay as it used to (plus it’s tougher to actually get the cash since you need viewers for this).

Finishing Tips

Once you start your very own Youtube channel, you’ll want to take care of it and improve it at a constant rate. Remember: Goals play a big part in whether or not you grow quickly. You should also be on the lookout for shoutouts with popular Youtube personas and celebrities.

A partnership is also on the table but this takes some time. Who knows, maybe Logitech contacts you and decides that a promotion deal with you is a great idea!

In the end, it comes down to grit, motivation, a drive for success, and a fire in your belly. There’s no giving up! If you do run into issues, don’t lose hope. Everyone runs into problems every once in a while and that’s completely normal. It’s how you handle these issues that defines you! GL & HF!


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