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Ubisoft today announced the potential nerfs coming to the Caveira’s 99 damage pistol along with balance changes in Rainbow Six Siege. The changes will take place on the test server first to eliminate any potential bugs if they exist. The main question about the update is, how much Caveira’s 99 Damage Pistol will the developer reduce?

Well to be accurate, Ubisoft is planning to reduce the Caveira’s Luison, the 99 damage sidearm, by 65 damage in Rainbow Six Siege. The developers want to emphasize the role of Caveira as a stealth. Therefore, a nerf to the sidearm became necessary in the update.

Caveira’s 99 Damage Pistol

Credits: Ubisoft

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On the other hand, the developers buffed up the Clash’s secondary weapon, SPSMG9. The weapon now has increased fire power and automatic rounds. Moreover, the total ammo per round has also been increased along with the improvement in the recoil.


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