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LoL Champion Reworks

Riot Games has concentrated on reworking some of the oldest skins, so far. Now, with every release of a new LoL champion and updated skins it has come to a moment where some of the oldest champions are in desperate need of different reworks.

How to participate in the LoL champion reworks?

To solve this question which champion will be added to the list, Riot Games is inviting fans to participate in selection between reworks for five LoL champions: Volibear, Nocturne, Shyvana, Dr Mundo and Fiddlestick. Fans have already come across a similar situation, where they have chosen skins that will be updated, but now it is time for Riot fans to help and vote for the champion that will get an update somewhere in 2020.

Will Volibear rework make him OP?

Volibear LoL Champion Reworks

The Thousand Pierced Bear, as it’s known, has become less of an encounter than his Freljord siblings. The reason for this ‘forgotten’ character may lay in the very portraiture of this champion; it simply doesn’t fit with current terms of visual design. This demigod bear with amazingly strong team fight efficiency, lackluster with his abilities. The character behind champion like this reasonably deserves visual effectiveness of one demigod with unbelievable strength and speed for chasing down enemies. As a matter of fact, this is what one bear does in real life!

There are various opinions on the question such as “Should Voli get more DMG or not?” and “Would rework make him an OP champion?”.Whenever the name Volibear appears, the first thought (sometimes even fear) that comes to my mind is his most iconic ability  “Q”- Voli receives speed and flip, although it doesn’t actually do much without the presence of adding a little DMG,  as some may think. But how more damage is enough and not to make Voli so OP?

“R” as ultimate ability may appear dull since it’s just a DMG buff. Maybe a complete change of visual design would work better on Volibear’s appearance. Voli’s “R” is definitely the biggest problem with its lack of effectiveness and not a lot of fun for one Freljord demigod.

How scary is Nocturne as a Nightmare?

Nocturne LoL

The popularity of this “Living nightmare” has grown in recent seasons. Even though Nocturne has a lot of fans, it seems like this champion is more a second choice than first. The issue would probably be Nocturne balancing between the bruiser and assassin – none of these two sides are ‘complete’ when it comes to Nocturne. Will redesigned kit for the theme and visual rework solve Nocturne’s problem? Maybe we’ll find out in 2020.

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The one thing we do know is that no change is necessary when it comes to ultimate ability “Paranoia”, except maybe visual design. It’s no doubt that the lack of visual elements should be fixed and reworked in a way that fits current game standards.

What to except from Shyvana rework?

Shyvana LoL Champion Rework

Is this Half-Dragon in a need for a ‘real dragon’? This human-like champion from the outside and  Dragon on the inside has probably been one of the least played characters (Unless you play Aram and have no dice).

Shyvana’s portrait is telling one story and the boring mechanics of her abilities tell other stories. Visible evidence of her strength and power aren’t there; not even in her Dragon form. With lifeless abilities that need some kind of depth and relying on the farm from begging of the gameplay, there are not many interesting encounters to do. The form of Dragon appears too little in the gameplay. As she tries to keep that side of her tamed but all of us eager to see the Winged Beast’s true form- my solution would be to rework the dragon form (R) into something more intimidating, to adequate the theme of Half-Dragon.

Does Dr Mundo need an update?

Dr Mundo LoL Champion Reworks

Despite the last year rework on Mundo in the visual aspect, he didn’t change much to fit in modern standards. After the period of Mundo off meta, and almost forgotten, his damage got boost. Boosting Mundo is the only thing he really doesn’t need and I hope LoL developers will have interesting reworks for this champion. But if Mundo wins these votes, we can expect changes with ‘W’ and ‘E’ abilities and of course, cleaves are staying.

What to expect from Fiddlestick rework?

Fiddlestick LoL Champion Reworks

We’ve all witnessed Swain’s great rework in 2018. This champion really got more interesting with the new update, unlike the case with Fiddlestick. After rework, Fiddle just got more OP and still zero dynamics.

The only thing that’s actually scary on this champion is his Crow (which doesn’t really reflect the idea of Scarecrow). Since he’s a scrawny Scarecrow perhaps the physical appearance of Fiddle should be scarier more than to be OP.

“Silence” and “Fear” are already too strong, so concentrating on one of these two abilities would bring a bit more dynamics to his gameplay. I am not exactly sure how “Drain” is connected to his personality, but we know that Ultimate ability will be unchanged. It would be interesting to see how new counterplay options will work in gameplay.

Deadline for Riot fans to choose their champion is until May 15. I am very excited to see which LoL champion will be selected for this reworks.

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