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Apex Legends is one of those titles that are the result of the Battle Royale craze. It is a f2p Battle Royale title developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The interesting thing is that, even though this game was released without any kind of announcement, marketing or hyping, it enjoyed some serious initial success anyway. Now, we get to enjoy some Apex Legends updates as Season 2 goes live soon!

Even though it did enjoy massive initial success, Apex Legends’ number of players declined rapidly. With this update, EA and Respawn are putting in an effort to persuade players to come back.

So, what is Apex Legends? As you probably already know, approx. 60 players are dropped to fight each other in three different squads. Each of these squads land where one player decides, and then have to scavenge for weapons and other resources in order to be able to fight.

The fighting is done on an island and as time passes, the play area shrinks and pushes the players closer together. This happens until just one squad remains and the battle is over.

Apex Legends

Communication is key – you do it through either voice chat or a ping system and pinpoint the locations of supplies or enemies. The more organized the team, the higher the chances of victory, and you can also revive your teammates within a certain time threshold.

Apex Legends Season 2 – Battle Charge

A lot of Apex Legends updates have leaked since the Season 2 reveal at E3 2019. So, what does the update bring and will it be enough to make more players open this title again and fight on the island?

Release Date

Finally, they unveiled the release date which is set to be on July 2, 2019. While we don’t know everything that this update will bring, there is a considerable amount of details we can share.

The New Legend

Apex Legends Wattson is the new hero coming to the game, and as the name subtly suggests, her theme will be manipulation of electricity. Her tactical ability is essentially a shield – a mobile laser barrier that can block enemy players while teammates can still pass.

Apex Legends Wattson

It’s great for players who possess knowledge of the maps and can use this strategically, like blocking enemies outside a safe area or defending a building. The player can place 12 nodes at a time at desired spots.

Her ulti destroys all incoming projectiles and grenades and also provides faster recharging for your tactical ability if you’re in its radius.

Her passive says that any Ultimate Accelerant she uses instantly recharges her to 100%. They are also stackable, and you can basically wreak havoc with the fences and have a great advantage through the match.

Apex Legends Crypto

No, they’re not releasing a token, but Apex Legends Crypto is the name of another legend teased to come during this big update. Apparently, he’s going to be a hacker as the cinematic trailer shows him launching an EMP attack and destroying the tower at Repulsor. This allows the leviathans and flyers to invade King’s Canyon and will probably cause some big map changes.

The L-STAR – a New Energy Weapon

They’re introducing the L-Star, a powerful and rare LMG which produces large, powerful plasma projectiles at a fast rate. It is exclusive to care packages and joins the Mastiff and the Kraber ranks.

The projectiles this weapon fires are much larger than those of other rifles, but you will have to lead more while firing at a distance to compensate for the slow projectile velocity.


The weapon was first seen in Titanfall 2 and has been teased in the past two months to come to the game since one player discovered an L-STAR skin in a loot box before they were meant to (oops).

New Daily and Weekly Challenges

The developer plans to spice up your Apex Legends experience by adding daily and weekly challenges.

Lee Horn, the game’s lead product manager said: “While we don’t want to introduce wacky challenges that drastically warp the way you play the game, these challenges should provide some interesting variation from game-to-game. This means all players should feel more rapid Battle Pass progression and the journey will hopefully be more fun and interesting. Also, this addition should allow players who can only dedicate a few hours a week to the game to make a very deep cut into their Battle Pass progression.”

Weapon Buffs and Meta Changes

Some of the weapons were not really popular as they were not effective enough. As they said, they plan to change that and weapons like Flatline, P2020, Alternator, or Triple take will receive some changes. Also, Mozambique will also receive a buff, apparently through a hop-up, supposedly to “make it usable”. These Apex Legends updates seem fine for now!


Gold Weapons

Along with these Apex Legends updates, players will be able to find a new set of gold weapons in the Kings Canyon for the start of the season 2.

Ammo Stacks Changes

They felt that the weapon stack sizes weren’t well balanced and needed to change.

  • Shotgun max stack reduced from 64 to 16. This is a pretty big nerf and you will now need multiple stacks of ammo to use it.
  • Energy max stack was buffed from 60 to 80 and now matches Light and Heavy ammo. In addition to this, they are extending the energy mag so energy weapons might be the theme of Season 2 and the way to go.

Airdrop Weapons

Airdrop packages will now use different loot tables in different phases of the game, split into three (early, middle, late). In the beginning, you’ll find more Krabers in early and mid-game airdrops, while in endgame more Mastiffs will spawn.

And yes, the loot tables now include the L-STAR, which is, however, rare.


Map Events

The term “map events” was used to tease something new coming in Season 2. We don’t exactly know what is coming, but there are a few possibilities. First speculations would be limited time modes in a similar fashion to Fortnite. Others would be dynamic map changes and story, or it could just be a new map in general.

Badge Changes

In the first Battle Pass, you had a huge amount of different badges that were frankly useless. Any time you picked up one, you’d roll your eyes and wish you got something like Crafting Metals instead.

Now, the tons of badges are gone and you will have only one that will evolve as you progress. All the seasonal win trackers will be in the free version of the Pass, and all of the trackers can be earned by Level 10.

This is a relatively short review of some of the updates that either leaked or were announced in the E3 event. They say themselves that they have more tricks up their sleeves, so we can probably expect much more from this update. All in all, this is probably a great effort to revitalize the game again, and we’ll be sure to check back and see how it’s going.

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