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Top Adult Only Games in Steam in 2020

Video games these days have everything one could ask for. There’s action packed games, magical worlds with mythical creatures, mind-bending thrilling stuff and even some titillating NSFW games for adults only. If you have a taste for that last genre, then Steam has got some pretty hot titles to check out. They cover it all, from kinky visual novels to furry-porn. We’ve rounded up the Top 10 Adult Games on Steam in 2020 for you and FYI, they aren’t good just for pornographic reasons – they’re great all-round games to add to one’s collection in general. Check it out:

10. Forest Fortress



Like in most adult games, the women you meet in Forest Fortress have a thing for you.


Sprinkled with eroge and fantasy, Forest Fortress is a visual novel you play as a guy named Dale. Dale wanders in into a mysterious forest in the hopes to find a cure to a disease plaguing your village. On this journey, you meet beautiful women who have a thing for you – like in most games.

Forest Fortress has a branching storyline that goes in accordance with your choices. You could choose to woo the numerous girls in the game that are fully animated 2D characters. Being that it is an adult game, there are three women to woo and nine fully-animated erotic scenes.


9. Super Seducer 2: Advanced Seduction Tactics


Super Seducer 2 Advanced Seduction Tactics

Dating experts help you become the most eligible bachelor/bachelorette.


Some may consider this game the most ‘adult’ game there is, simply because here you get to woo actual people – forget 2D-drawn characters.

Dating experts Richard La Ruina and Charlotte Jones guide you to be the master of seduction and become the most eligible bachelor/bachelorette. You get placed in amusing real-life scenarios with absurd options and outcomes. However, there are some very handy lessons and social skills to pick up if you make the right choices when playing.

While there is no uncensored version of Super Seducer 2, it is a good game to pick up if you’re looking to build some confidence while having a good laugh.


Get your copy of Super Seducer 2


8. Negligee: Love Stories


Negligee Love Stories

Negligee: Love Stories is the very first Steam game that is ‘100 percent uncensored.’


Negligee: Love Stories is the very first Steam game that is ‘100 percent uncensored’ and despite its earlier debacle, Negligee has finally found its way on the PC client.

Similar to other racy titles, Negligee is also a dating sim wherein you get to date a handful of girls. Your character here is suddenly thrust into the role of a manager at a lingerie shop. You’ll be working with three women and the name of the shop is… Negligee.

If you’ve set your sights on one of the sexy women you want to date, you could expect plenty of wooing. It leads up to different routes and outcomes. There will be plenty of titillating, sexy scenes and to take things further you could download the Mature Content DLC on Steam for free. Negligee finally making it to the Steam store is could mean that we’ll get to see other similar sexy games in the near future.


Get your copy of Negligee


7. Coming Out On Top


Coming Out On Top

The story centers around Mark who finally explores his sexuality.


Unlike other dating sims, Coming Out On Top is based on male to male relationships. It is centred around a college student named Mark who has just opened up about his sexuality and has just started exploring his sexuality. Mark decides to go on dates and meet other guys with the help of his two friends, Penny and Ian.

The game is a visual novel with a lot of options to choose from. Mark gets a number of sexy guys to romance that lead to steamy scenes if you pick the right options. While the Steam version of Coming Out On Top is censored. You could get the original version to avail of the uncensored adult copy. Now there are plenty of pictures to unlock and sexy scenarios added since the game has been updated by the developer.


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6. Mirror


Mirror the game

Since there are a variety of girls to challenge, you can unlock different images with gorgeous artwork.


Mirror is perfect for anyone who’s a fan of puzzle games – with a sexy twist. In this game you’ll be facing a slew of girls in different gem elimination battles. It is simple but challenging and requires you to match certain gems while clearing the game board.

In addition to the puzzle aspects, the game is also peppered with some visual novel elements that help reveal each character’s back story. While making your way through Mirror and clearing puzzles you stumble into some pretty sexy CGIs. Being that there are a variety of girls to challenge, you could unlock several different images with gorgeous artwork.

Note that on Steam you’ll be playing the censored version of Mirror but there are ways to enable more of the adult content.


5. Sakura Dungeon


Sakura Dungeon

You get a retro dungeon crawling experience mixed with NSFW adult themed content.


Giving you a retro dungeon crawling experience coupled with NSFW adult themed content, Sakura Dungeon bucks the trend of adult only games being limited to visual novels.

You’ll be playing in first person, trapping monster girl spirits to capture and fight with – similar to Pokemon. There are also cutscenes and battles to flesh out the story of the ancient spirit that has awakened and is set on reclaiming her dungeon. In addition, Sakura Dungeon has in-game sprite and CG gallery to unlock and peruse.


Get your copy of Sakura Dungeon


4. Beach Bounce


Beach Bounce

Beach Bounce has a sexy uncensored adult version with more explicit scenes.


Split into three parts, Beach Bounce is an adult visual novel and as the name suggests there’s a lot of time spent by the beach.

The game follows Tomoyo, a guy who finds himself at his grandmother Umi’s resort wanting to have a great summer and unwind. However, things don’t go as expected and you will have to make choices in some pretty tongue-in-cheek moments with some of the resort’s female staff.


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Playing the game on Steam means you’ll be playing the censored version of Beach Bounce. HOwever, there is an uncensored version of it that contains more explicit scenes.


Get your copy of Beach Bounce


3. SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal



Unlike most adult-focused games on Steam, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal offers something a little different.


Unlike most adult only games on Steam that are primarily dominated by visual novels, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal offers a little different. It is a HD remake and remaster of the game that started a long-running series of action games.

You’ll be playing as a scantily clad student ninjas going head to head with friends and foes in fierce battles in order to protect people you care about. Additionally, there are also other activities including dressing room events and scenes with mature, adult content.


Get your copy of SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal


2. AI Shoujo


AI Shoujo

Stranded with good looking AI characters to keep you busy.


Stranded on an island, AI Shoujo is a game that is a crafting survival game. It is built on a simple but unique concept within the adult only games genre.

A group of attractive AI characters that you’re stranded with will keep you busy. Using detailed character creator you get to customise a a perfect waifu and pass time having fun, living relaxed on an island with her.


Get your copy of AI Shoujo


1. HuniePop



While it does come have some challenging puzzles HuniePop has stood out for some of its explicit moments.


Being a dating sim puzzle game, HuniePop does have some pretty challenging puzzles. However, it stands out for some its explicit moments.

HuniePop has some light RPG elements along with its visual novel-style presentation where you play as a character tries to woo women by challenging them to gem elimination battles. As players get to know the women better, it leads to some funny moments along with sexy images.

Similar to most visual novel games, your choices will reflect your relationship with the characters. You are also allowed to gift them in order to raise their affection and even ask them on dates. While the Steam version of the game is censored, for the unfiltered adult gaming experience you could check out MangaGamer.


Get your copy of HuniePop



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