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anathan ana pham

The most dominant carry on the scene, Anathan “ana” Pham, after taking a while-short break from gaming, decided to re-establish his relationship with his beloved team OG. The team welcomed him back by posting a charming photo of him with a smile, putting a square on „Welcome Back“ to let him know he’s always welcomed.

Since the beginning of OG, in early 2016, ana joined the team in hopes of finding a place where he belongs in the Dota 2 scene. He showed outstanding performance on his carry position, and with that, proving himself worthy of the position. The problem that pulled him back, was his communication between him and his teammates, after which he took an extended break from the Dota 2 competition.

After his break, ana played for Echo International before returning to OG in June, giving himself a second chance for success. The team welcomed him back, knowing of his best-performing skills and goodwill. With great teamwork and astounding plays in the lower bracket, ana, with his team pulled the competition out of nowhere. But after all the noise that comes with such a victory, ana needed some time to regain his straight from professional Dota, moving to OG’s inactive roster in November.

Ana almost had us fooled thinking that the fame got to his head, but as ana shows, that is not the case, and he is coming for the International, yet again.


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