Best New Additions to Apex Legends Season 2
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Apex Legends is one of those titles that are the result of the Battle Royale craze. It is a f2p Battle Royale title deve...
Apex Legends Season 1 Started Today
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Apex Legends Season 1 expansion will be called Wild Frontier. Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is the game e...
First Apex Legends Esports Scholarship Program in the US
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Apex Legends, a new Battle Royale game made by Respawn Entertainment will receive a scholarship program in the US. In th...
New Legends and Nerfs: Apex Legends to Receive Big Changes in March
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In an interview with Daily Esports, an anonymous source has confirmed that the series of leaks surrounding Apex Legends...
Apparent Leaks Thrill Apex Legends Players
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Respawn Entertainment’s new free-to-play team-based title, Apex Legends, has already caused a stir in the world of bat...
Apex Legend Exceeds Expectations for Viewership Numbers
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Electronic Arts’ new game is massively exceeding expectations. Apex Legends Twitch Rivals is having record succ...
Apex Legends Teams Already Forming
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Even though the EA’s take on Battle Royale, Apex Legends is barely a week old, Esports organizations are already...
EA Releases a New Battle Royale Game Called Apex Legends
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As Epic Games started a huge avalanche with their game Fortnite, many other companies are trying to take a part of the ...