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In an interview with Daily Esports, an anonymous source has confirmed that the series of leaks surrounding Apex Legends’ supposed new character, Octane, are legitimate, and further confirmed that Octane will go live in the game alongside the new Battle Pass on March 12.

Rumors began to circulate about Apex’s new legend after preliminary art of the character was leaked by redditors claiming to be roommates of Respawn employees. Daily Esports’ anonymous source also provided more high-quality art of Octane, which matches the low-res images that hit the web just under a week ago.

Another image depicting not only Apex Legends Octane but also his abilities has been circulating as well, but neither Daily Esports nor their source could corroborate its legitimacy.

New high-res art of Octane. Image credit: Daily Esports

As of this writing, Respawn has made no comment on the rumors about their new Legend. However, there are a number of official changes rolling out this month. Two of the game’s most powerful weapons, the Peacekeeper and the Wingman, are receiving nerfs in an upcoming patch. The Wingman’s fire rate and headshot multiplier are being reduced, while its hip fire spread has been increased and the spread decay rate has been decreased. The Peacekeeper rechamber rate has been reduced. The availability of both weapons has been reduced, even in high-tier loot areas.

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Many players hoped for even a modest buff to some of the game’s weaker weapons, such as the Mozambique, but no dice. In their patch notes, the Respawn team is sympathetic to these players’ hopes, but they want to maintain a “power curve” that incentivizes players to really work to upgrade their weapons.

Art depicting Octane’s unconfirmed abilities.

Weapon attachments of various levels of power are scattered throughout Apex Legends’ map, which means that even weapons with weak base stats can be modded in-game to compete with higher-tier weapons. It makes the first few minutes of any match a frantic scramble to find the best attachments around. If players want to land in an area where these high-tier items are more likely to spawn, that means competing with the potentially dozens of other players who have landed there with the exact same plan.

Between these weapon changes and (hopefully!) Apex Legends Octane release, the game seems to be gearing up for an exciting month. It has already accrued a massive player base of more than fifty million players worldwide—and that was just in the first month of its release. We’ll look forward to the developers continuing to implement exciting new changes to their game—and hopefully they patch some of those leaks as well as the game’s bugs.


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