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So, here we are now. Apex Legends Season 3 represent! There are many changes in dynamics in the game due to new character and new weapon release and adjusting all the features on the current ones. First of all the map changed and it is now called “World’s Edge”. It is bigger than the previous map and has many vertical objects like mountains or towers. We can see that this map is more “elemental” than the previous one because there are lava rivers, Ice towers and acid grounds in this map.

And as in Season 1 and Season 2, Apex Legends still continues giving pleasuring rewards for the Season Pass owners but for many players, there is nothing brand new. Here are the main topics which we’ll be talking about in our Apex Legends Season 3 overview!

  • New Character: Crypto
  • New Weapon: Charge Rifle
  • Changes on current items and weapons
  • Battle Pass Rewards
  • In Season Special Events

Furthermore, let’s investigate them deeper.

What’s New in Apex Legends Season 3?

New Character: Crypto

Crypto (a.k.a. Surveillance Expert) is a Legends who is capable of getting intel around your location and gives you the advantage of the first strike to enemies with his Drone. Here are Crypto’s skills:

Passive Ability, Neurolink: Enemies detected by the Surveillance Drone within 30 meters of your position are marked for you and your teammates to see.
Tactical Ability, Surveillance Drone: Deploy an aerial drone that allows you to view the surrounding area from above. If the drone is destroyed, there is a forty-second cool-down before you can deploy another.
Ultimate Ability, Drone EMP: Your Surveillance Drone sets off an EMP blast that deals shield damage (only -50 damage to only shields), slow enemies, and disables traps.

With these in mind, Crypto is very effective in fights around buildings. But when Crypto tries to gather information or just damage them before a fight, he must stand still and have no vision to his front. It is very complicated that he is a strong or weak legend. For me, the difference is so small that can be very situational.

New Weapon: Charge Rifle

Charge Rifle is an energy ammo based sniper rifle. As the name tells us, it is charging and blasting energy beams to target. It was a little over-powered when it’s first released, but thanks to the Apex Legends dev crew, it is now more balanced.

It has no bullet drop over distance and almost no delay between pressing the button and hitting the target location. So the weapon is basically made for sniper players, but there are some tricks on this weapon. When you hold the fire button, it starts to charge and lasering the target location, dealing a very small amount of damage.  And after around 1 second, it blasts and deals huge damage to the target. It also makes the target move slowly while it is being hit.

Changes on current items and weapons

Level 4 Body Armor and Backpack adjustment

If you played Apex Legends on previous seasons, you probably know what the “Golden Backpack” means. For those who don’t know, it is the Backpack Level 4. It is the same as Level 3 (purple) one, but it had a feature that allows you to heal two times faster than normal.

With the same logic, Level 4 Body Armor had a feature called “Executioner” that is if you do a finisher on a knocked enemy, it will refill your armor instantly. So they changed these two. First, they completely removed “Executioner” spec, and replaced “Fast Heal” to Body Armor Level 4. For the backpack, they added a new spec called “Guardian Angel”. With that, players revive downed teammates with bonus health and shields.


As the Season 2, they again changed the hop-ups of certain weapons. They completely removed Disruptor Rounds that released in Season 2. The Skullpiercer Rifling is also removed. But they balanced it by increasing headshot multiplier of both Wingman and Longbow. Their damage multiplier in headshots is: 2.0 was base 2.5 with Skullpiercer. Now it is fixed to 2.15. There is a new hop-up called Anvil Reciever that is put on R-301 and Flatline.

If equipped, it allows the user to fire multiple bullets in one fire but not like burst mode. On single mode and with Anvil Reciever on your weapon, You fire 2 bullets at the same time, dealing much more damage, but waiting a little bit after each shot. For me, it changed the mechanics of the game because players have more variance in gameplay. Another new hop-up is called Double Tap Trigger. It is being equipped on G7 Scout and EVA-8.

As the name tells us, It is kind of burst fire, but the double version not triple. With that equipped on your weapon, you have an option to select in double-tap mode or the normal mode. This hop-up is best for the players who play aggressive.

There are many minor changes in weapons but let’s go into another topic.

Battle Pass Rewards

Here we are in the most satisfying part, well at least being rewarded is commonly thought of as a good thing. And Apex Legends is very satisfying players with the battle pass rewards that they give. For example, if you buy just one season pass, theoretically you can have all other passes if you have level 100 each of them. Because they are giving 1000 Apex coins in each season pass by far. Buying one season pass is worth 950 Apex Coins.

And there are also other rewards such as Crafting Materials, special season skins for weapons and legends, music packs, loading screen wallpapers and so on. But there is nothing that is new to this season. Except for the skins that are given to season pass users. We are all agreed that they improved on creating and designing skins.

In Season Special Events

The most effective project in Season 3 for me is the “Fight or Fright” event. The event is released for Halloween and it has lots of content in it. It almost ends when this article is published. When the patch released, the lobby background and the lobby music is all changed into “spooky” and for me, they really have done a good job in music by far. There are also special Apex Packs for a special collection for the event.

They are all limited to this event too. And then there is the special event mode: Fight or Fright. It is incredible how they adjusted and combined a fast game with a zombie mode. 33 Players enter each game and everyone starts as a solo. Until the last 10 players alive, the dead players are converted into Shadows (which are zombies in this case). Shadows join a team and fight against Legends.

After 10 players alive left, a rescue zone for alive legends appears and all players have access to see it on the map. At that point, all the last 10 players join a team and fight together against Shadows. It is when the chaos starts. Dead Shadows resurrects each time they die and fall from the sky to kill Legends. Shadows also have the ability to run faster and climb almost any object in the game. Note that this mode is being played in the old map (King’s Canyon), and not in the day, but in the night.

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