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Even though the EA’s take on Battle Royale, Apex Legends is barely a week old, Esports organizations are already forming Apex Legends teams.

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With the f2p game hitting 10 million players in only three days of existence, it’s no wonder why the Esports teams are rushing to step in. Apex Legends surpassed other major Battle Royale titles, like Fortnite and PUBG.

Organized Esports events for the game will not be held just yet since the game is only a week old. This has not stopped NRG, a North American team, to start their player hunt.

On February 8, NRG announced that they are looking for Apex Legends players and content creators.

NRG tweeted: “Some of you are too busy playing Apex Legends to realize the legends that you could become if you reached the Apex of your potential”
NRG is recruiting players and content creators for @PlayApex!
Submit your application to info@nrg.gg”

The response rate to this annunciation was extremely high. So high, in fact, that a Google form application had to be set-up for them to be able to read through applications.

“WOAH, we have received so many applications already! Thanks to everyone, so far, who has applied to the #NRGFAM,” they tweeted in response to the flood of candidates.

Along with other types of games, NRG already has a lot of experience with Battle Royale titles. They have a four-man Fortnite roster that competes in all the game’s disciplines. Solo, Duos, Squads, you name it – they’ve done it. This past experience will come in very handy for Apex Legends teams to develop their play tactics.

Respawn Entertainment are doing their best to make sure Apex Legends is not going to experience 15 minutes of fame and die off. They announced a full first-year roadmap and implementation of Ranked Play and Cross-Platform ability.

Other Esports organizations, although not rushing to form teams, are giving some hints. SteelSeries has Apex keyboards.., SteelSeries sponsors North….,” Danish squad North tweeted.

Although NRG’s Apex Legends teams are the first, they certainly are not the last. Who do you think will be the next one to jump into the hype? How the things took off, it’s probably going to be pretty soon!


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