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Respawn Entertainment’s new free-to-play team-based title, Apex Legends, has already caused a stir in the world of battle royale gaming, earning mostly positive reviews and even inspiring changes to existing games. Following their successful launch in February, Respawn is already working to expand their game, and over the last day, a number of possible leaks have given players a first look at what those expansions might entail.

Art supposedly depicting a new Apex Legend, named Octane, was posted and then quickly deleted from a Reddit thread. The art was allegedly illegally photographed from a Respawn employee’s computer by a snooping roommate. One Redditor suggested that the character shown in the photo seemed to have been created by another artist and was being applied to a Season 1 banner by the employee.

Allegedly official art of next Legend Octane has been making its rounds on the internet.

Earlier data mined leaks had hinted at Octane’s release, but this is the first clear look we’ve gotten at the next possible Legend. One such leak was released by an Instagram user, handle @childz_pl4y, whose post and page have since been removed, and the veracity of this leak is still in question.

We likely won’t know anything for sure about Octane and this new Legend’s abilities until Season 1 of Apex Legends kicks off in later this month—March 12thto be precise, according to yet another Redditor leaking information allegedly disclosed by a roommate who is affiliated with the game’s production.

The sheer number of leaks surrounding Apex’s upcoming changes raise some pointed questions about the confidentiality practices of Respawn’s employees, and certainly about their choice in roommates. Redditors on both threads worried that the sharing of these leaks would result in the employees’ termination. Thus far, there has been no confirmation from Respawn about the validity of the leaked information, and we’ll likely have to wait for Season 1’s launch to see anything confirmed.


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