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Team Secret had it cleared out that they were the favorites of the Dota 2 tournament. They have shown outstanding performance throughout the season, winning each and every game, making them seem unstoppable to whoever opposed them. But Team Secret didn’t see it coming, as Vici Gaming came into this series with the lust to crush only the best.

team secretImage credit: DreamHack

Primarily, game one seemed like a casual game for Team Secret. Nisha on his Life Stealer led the net worth advantage, and MidOne on his Outworld Devourer made it impossible for anyone to escape, leading with 11 kills for his team. After 46 minutes of the game, it was an obvious ‘GG’ call for Vici Gaming.

Game two was starting to paint the same picture. Team Secret started leading in net worth gain, while killing-potential was in their favor. But the crucial moment was at the twenty-minute mark, where Vici turned the tables.

Ori’s switched his item build on Medusa, helping him to shake of Nisha’s Anti-Mage. By doing so, he consecutively dodged Nisha’s counter and managed to outmaneuver the entire Secret team with his perfectly timed Ultimates, not once, but three times during the midgame game phase. With comeback momentum gained, Vici pushed a two rax advantage, after which they secured Roshan, making it an easy final stomp, forcing Team Secret to call ‘GG’.

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It was all left to game three, and Vici were ready more than ever. From the beginning of the game, you could see Vici’s long-waited aggression. Taking every kill-chance, pushing the towers in the early 15 minutes of the game, and out farming their opponents, Vici had it going. A team fight around the Rosh pit at 20 minutes seemed like Secret could turn it around, but was never the real deal.

morphling dota 2

Image Credit: ZaercoN (Reddit)

With such an advantage, Paparazi on his Morphling was annihilating everything in his path, allowing Vici to take the mid rax. Secret, trying hard to withstand Vici’s pressure, attempted to push back, and smoking up in hopes of at least some pick-off kills. But Vici didn’t give the chance. With Fade’s perfect positioning with his Shadow Blade, he broke Secret’s smoke, separating their entire team, and picking Secret off, one-by-one.

After forty-two minutes of Team Secret’s struggling, Vici took their victory,  with 39 kills to Secret’s 18, making it one of the most controversial games in the Dota 2 history.

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