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The Asian Development League is a CS: GO online eSports tournament focused towards the Chinese market.

Four such tournaments are planned, with the first one starting after IEM Katowice during March and April, Vision Studio announced.

The Tournament

The event will be divided into three stages: a closed qualifier, the main stage, and the finals. 

The first, closed qualifier is set to happen on March 4-8. Eight Asian teams will be split into two groups by GSL format, with a four-team single elimination playoff to follow. Only two of the top teams will advance to the Asian Development League’s main stage.

Some of the teams that will be competing in the closed qualifier are already known:

  • BTRG
  • Lynn Vision
  • Recca
  • Storm Rider
  • Alpha Red

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In the main stage, ten teams will compare strengths against each other in a round-robin face-off. It is set to happen between March 11th and April 18th. Four top performing teams will be advancing to the final stage of the tournament.

Asian Development League

Along the two teams from Closed Qualifier and TBA, the confirmed teams that are going directly to the Asian Development League main stage are:

  • BOOT-d[S]
  • Beyond
  • GOSU
  • Absolute
  • CyberZen
  • 5POWER

The final stage is the stage where everything important happens. The dates of the event are April 11-15. It will feature six best-of-three matches in a double elimination bracket. Then, we will know who takes the prize home.

The tournament will have an approximate $14,900 prize pool. The division is set for the winner to take $10,400, while the second place takes a $4,500 prize.

After this event, three more are planned, which will all be happening in 2019. The total combined prize pool for all four events will be around $59,000.


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