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On January 16, Astralis broke another record of getting into the list of HLTV’s top 20 players of 2018. The list contains some notable names which have shown amazing performance throughout the year. But which players included in the list belong to team Astralis?

To be precise, HLTV placed Astralis’ player Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen at the fifth position after reviewing his incredible 2018 journey. Together with Astralis, dupreeh was able to achieve so much that no one can potentially steal their throne for now.

Astralis broke record

Credits: Astralis

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Here’s a list of all the achievements by dupreeh in year 2018:

  • DHM Marseille 2018 – 1st

  • EPL Season 7 Finals – 1st

  • ECS Season 5 Finals – 1st

  • EL Premier 2018 – 1st

  • FACEIT Major London 2018 – 1st

  • BLAST Istanbul – 1st

  • IEM Chicago 2018 – 1st

  • ECS Season 6 Finals – 1st

  • EPL Season 8 Finals – 1st

  • BLAST Lisbon – 1st


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