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It doesn’t come as a surprise that a world’s champion team is a favorite to win CSGO Blast Pro Series Miami. If we didn’t know for sure during 2018, it is now more obvious than ever that CS: GO is dominated by the Danish roster. On IEM Katowice, many speculated the champions were vulnerable due to meta changes. After total domination, all the doubts were completely shattered.

The team dropped only one map on the Legends and Champions. This means they have the highest perceived odds anywhere – from betting sites to casual conversations.

Thorinan Esports journalist said: “Astralis have won two majors back-to-back without losing a map in the play-offs of either. Winning your opponent’s map pick every time is impossible levels of dominance.”

CSGO Blast Pro Series Miami

Their dominance on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive battlefields is so intense that it almost makes the games less exciting. Many are saying with utmost certainty that Astralis has no chance of losing CSGO Blast Pro Series Miami.

Who will reach the finals against them?

Astralis is an obvious contender in the finals of this tournament. This brings the question, who will be the one to battle them out for the grand prize? Among the other teams, it will be a pretty tangled competition to reach the ultimate foe.

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The two teams that have the best odds would be Liquid and Natus Vincere. These teams are ranked as number 2 and 3 in the world respectively, so it’s a no brainer to count them in as possible contenders. It’s not a question whether they will practice and acquire even more experience beforehand. They are serious teams and will have such performance.

It is increasingly obvious that nobody from North America stands a chance to win CSGO Blast Pro Series Miami. Astralis, the serial champion team comes from Denmark, located in the EU. This doesn’t mean the event will not be fun – maybe something nobody expected will happen!

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