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So, in what state AUG in CSGO currently is? Let’s take a look at the details!

Steyr AUG is an Austrian bullpup assault rifle that is a weapon of choice to many CS:GO players.

With the 2019 October update, a few changes are coming to CS:GO. Players are talking about the economy update, which increases the opening ground losing bonus from $1,400 to $1900. But aside from that, one of the other main topics is the state of AUG.

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The Change

This rifle was in the genre all the way from Counter-Strike 1.6. It wasn’t, however, until its price dropped from $3,300 to $3,150 that the competitive scene took a deeper interest in it.

Even though a price drop of $150 does not seem much, in professional play it goes a long way. Now that money can be saved in the long run, giving many possibilities for game-changing gear.


This gun is mainly used as an alternative to the M4. We will compare these two guns, and the reload on M4 is 3.1 seconds. The reload speed of AUG is approximately 3.8 seconds. More, but in AUG’s defense, it is meant to be used at a range. This means getting caught without ammunition is less likely.

M4 costs $50 less than the AUG but lacks some of AUG’s advantageous features.

One of the key differences is that AUG sports a scope. It provides a 1.5x optical zoom and reduces recoil and spread. Apart from having an optical zoom, it’s also a generally more precise rifle.

Damage wise, AUG has higher armor penetration, while M4 does more damage against unarmored players. Though M4 exceeds in base damage, the more consistent damage of an AUG in CSGO is hard to turn down.

Overall, let’s factor in recoil, the rate of fire, spread, and damage. With all the qualities combined, the AUG can certainly rival the M4 in many circumstances, and often be superior too. It’s less of a brute rifle, but much more versatile.


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