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Hello and welcome to the Dota 2 Queen of Pain Guide, one of the most feared heros – Akasha, the Queen of Pain – Make way for your Queen!“ Queen of Pain is known for his 4 active abilities that specialize in crowd control while inflicting high damage outburst in a large AoE.

Queen of Pain is a ranged intelligence hero who uses her abilities to close upon her enemies, fearing them in a short radius, and bursting them down. She is played as typical mid-lane ganker, with high mobility engages, as well as quick disengages. If performed well, you can either become a quick cooldown, high damage Mage, or build her as a long ranged carry with her additional talents.

She is known for her aggressive play style, quick mechanics, and an easy match-up against almost any opponent against her. If mid is not an option for you, she can do as well on hardlane and even be played as an aggressive support.

Abilities and usage:

Q – Shadow Strike – Queen of Pain’s first spell is a 15 second disable (20%/30%/40%/50% movement speed slow) which can be cast on a single target (Multiple targets within 650 radius with Talents). Initial damage of the spell (50/75/100/125) with its 5 instances (30/50/70/90) during the 15 seconds disable can come in as a great poke if you’re not able to come to close to your opponent.

If so, Shadow Strike should be maxed out first, as this will allow you to dominate the lane with ease, taking no consequences while you watch your enemy bleed-out.

With its short cooldown (16/12/8/4), Shadow Strike should be cast every time it runs out on your opposing enemy, but be sure to bring some sustain to your lane, as it comes with a price of 110 mana per each cast.

Akasha’s envenomed dagger allows her to delight in the drawn out suffering of her victims.“

W – Blink – Blink is one of Queen of Pain’s main advantages. With an incredible range of 1300, and short cooldown when maxed-out (15/12/9/6), Akasha is able to roam through the map like no other. With not only that, she is able to leap into battle, making her look like she came out of nowhere.

Maxing out should come its second place, as you want to be an efficient ganker, and it comes to be very useful when you’re being ganked as well. Combining her Blink with other spells she possesses in her arsenal, make her an excruciating assassin that everyone fears.

The Secret Queen lives up to her title, making her Pain impossible to escape.

E – Scream of Pain – Scream of Pain is Akasha’s main damage output in the early stages of the game (75/150/225/300). It comes within a short cooldown of 7 seconds, which allows Akasha to constantly harras her enemies, making you a formidable opponent to whoever dear to oppose you. The mana cost of this spell rises through the level (80/10/120/140), and most importantly with Talents it ads fear of 1.5 seconds to it.

Also important to say is, if you decide to max-out this spell first, you will need to start building a large mana-pool scale or being quick on whenever rune spawns, and with it refill your bottle for extra mana refreshment. My best recommendation is doing both. Grabbing a bottle as your first item, with two Null Talismans, you should be ready to sustain and dominate anyone throughout your lane in the early stages of the game.

The sultry voice of Akasha beckons her opponents while stealing their souls.

R – Sonic Wave – Now, this spell, in particular, is what you want to save for the whole opposing team. It deals a decent amount of magical damage throughout the level increase (340/430/520), and with Aghanim’s Scepter it gains additional damage with (390/500/610) converts it into pure.

Also, important to mention is positioning when casting this spell. It has 100 starting radius with 900-speed travel distance, ending with 450 radius and maximum of 1350 range in total (travel distance + end radius). Meaning, the further the spell goes, bigger your chances are of catching more opponents with it. Additional to that, it also pushes your enemies forward (350 range), knocking them for 1.4 seconds, making it a great opportunity of making a play with your teammates.

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The downside of this ability is that it has a huge cooldown of 135 seconds, making it crucial when you want to cast it. The upside of this disability is that you can decrease its cooldown to 40 seconds with Aghanim’s Scepter, so rushing this item on Queen of Pain is quite important.

Her most exquisite of all of torments, Akasha’s Sonic Wave puts her poor foes out of their misery.

Image credit: dotafire.com

Gameplay and itemization:

When it comes to playing Akasha, the Queen of Pain, you want to be aggressive as much as possible, whether you’re playing her on mid, hardlane or even as a support. As she has a long attack range of 600 and high damage outburst with her spells, you want to be starting items for high damage output on your basic attacks, as well as increasing your mana pool.

For early game items, rushing two Null Talismans, and Power Treads (Putting them on Intelligence), will give you the starting damage, as well as the priceless mana pool this champ needs, giving you an ideal start against any opposing hero. Maxing your Q or E depends on your opponent. If it’s a ranged hero who can contest with you in damage output, you want to max your Q, and rise your poke-potential, if it’s a melee hero, you want to max your E, and increase your harras potential.

After grabbing your early game items, and gaining level 6, you want to start your first gank. With your decent damage on auto attacks, as well as your Ultimate, you’re ready to grab one, if not two potential kills on any given lane. This will grant you an advantage, as you slowly turn into a beast of a carry.

Image credit: artstation.com

Now as the mid-game begins, and you have two options. Do you want to be a high damage outburst Mage with low cooldowns or a high damage deal carry? If you want to be a high damage outburst Mage, you should build next items: Aghanim’s Scepter, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Octarine, Black King Bar, Scythe of Vise and replace your Power Treads with Boots of Travel.

Now if you want to build a high damage deal carry, you should build next items: Bloodthorn, Hurricane Pike, Desolator, Assault Cuirass, Black King Bar and stick with Power Treads (now on strength for additional durability). With these items its also important to choose your Talents correctly (Level 10 – 25 damage, and Level 15 40 attack speed).

Counters and synergy:


  • Lion & Shadow Shaman – 2 support Intelligence heroes with long-range and high duration disables (7+ seconds if timed correctly). Either one of these does a very good job against Queen of Pain. For most of the game simply because she is unable to escape with her Blink.
  • Phantom Lancer – This champion is can really be a threat for Queen of Pain. By grabbing his core item Diffusal Blade, Phantom Lancer becomes a nuisance for Queen of Pain, simply because he creates a ton of illusion and burns down her mana pool.
  • Shadow Fiend – One of the strongest mid-laners in the Dota’s setup. With his consecutive Q Razes and outstanding damage from his Necromastery, Shadow Fiend is known to be one of the rare heroes who can oppose Queen of Pain.

Image credit: Wallpapercave.com


  • Elder Titan – Known for his amazing play-making style, Elder Titan is an ideal combination for Queen of Pain. With his Q and E stun-lock combo, and putting them altogether with his Ultimate, this makes a perfect opportunity for Queen of Pain to spread devastation with her Ultimate and then Blinking in to finish them off with her E.
  • Enigma – Enigma is known to be a good combination with any spell-caster from Dota 2’s regime. Its outstanding Ultimate, called the Black Hole, pulls all enemies inside, allowing Queen of Pain to do what she wants with her pray.
  • Mars – As new hero comes Dota 2’s arsenal, so does the new combinations for our champions. Mars has an incredible Ultimate of creating an Arena of 550 radius forcing everyone who tries to escape, back in. This allows Queen of Pain unleashes her wrath, and make her opponents do her bidding.

Image Credit: Jilllsly.com

Final notes:

If you’re a Dota 2 player that is looking to learn a new, fun, and aggressive hero, with high carrying potential, then Queen of Pain is the hero for you. She is dominant through public games, as well on Dota 2’s professional scene.  With this said, we conclude our Dota 2 Queen of Pain Guide, and as she loves to say – “Long live your Queen“!


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