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Hello and welcome to the Dota 2 Ursa Warrior guide for the most fierce hero – Ulfsaar, the Ursa Warrior – “It is my spirit that keeps me safe, and not mere armor.” Ursa Warrior is known for his 3 active abilities (Q, W  and R) that specialize in tracking down his enemies, and enraging high attack speed blows, where his passive ability (E) brings the damage outburst devastating anyone who dears stand in his path.

Ursa is a melee-strength hero that can be played as jungler, as well as an easy-lane carry. He can also be played as a mid-laner, but being dependant on his opposing enemy. His massive attack speed buff combined with his passive makes him an excellent jungler like no other. Swiping through jungle creeps becomes a true delight as you grab your first lifesteal item.

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With all this said, Ursa is known to be one of most aggressive champions in the Dota 2’s arsenal but can be easily countered with heroes who possess long-range disables and high skills with high mobility, thus not letting him unleash his full killing potential with all of his combined spells.

Abilities and usage:

earthshock ursa warrior

Q – Earthshock – Ursa’s first spell comes in as a disable to help him hunt down his enemies. The damage of the spell is not that significant (50/100/150/200), but the movement speed slow that comes with it (25%/35%/45%/55%). Smashing the ground in a 385 AoE Radius(985 with Talents), Ursa slows down his enemies for 4 seconds, giving him enough space to release his fully combined power on the opposing threat.

Compared to Ursa’s other spells, Earthshock should be maxed-out last. This is due to the fact that his W and E are much more beneficial in helping him farm in the early stages of the game. If you’re staying in the jungle, focusing on the farm, Earthshock is not needed at all, but if you’re going on a laning phase and your focus is on the kill-potential, then Earthshock will definitely come in use.

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Given it has a decent cooldown of 12 seconds, it should be used within the right momentum. Meaning that the spell can be dispelled with abilities such as Abbadon’s shield, giving an opportunity for his enemies to escape Ursa’s enraged spirit.

The very steps of a male ursine shake the ground as well as the resolve of opposing warriors.“

overpower ursa warrior

W – Overpower – Ursa’s second most important skill in his command. Activating Overpower, Ursa gains tremendous attack speed of 400% on each attack, variable on the skill level (4/5/6/7), with a low mana cost of 75 mana at all levels. With this attack speed and his passive (E), Ursa is available not only to farm quickly, swipe down his enemies but to even kill Roshan on the early stages of the game.

Image credit: Dota 2

Maxing-out this spell should come to its second place. It has a shorter cooldown (16/14/12/10) then its duration (20), and when combined well, you can activate it for the second time as it comes off cooldown, but only after you’ve swiped out your first attacks. Also important to mention is that when you’ve farmed your way to the midgame, you can start combining items that have on-attack trigger mechanism with the attack speed that comes from Overpower, which will help you hunt down your enemies even faster.

For a behemoth of his size, Ursa is deceptively nimble.

fury swipes ursa warrior

E – Fury Swipes – The core of Ursa Warrior’s power. The damage of this skill works in next ways: On each attack, you deal additional damage, growing by each level (7/14/21/28). Each consecutive attack stacks up Fury Swipes on a single target. Stacks last 10 seconds, and each attack prolongs the stacking by 10 seconds more. This means if you’re consecutively attacking one target, you can stack up damage to unimaginable amounts (28, 56, 84, 112, 140, etc.).

Now imagine yourself, using two stacks of Overpower, coming up to 392 damage per hit, just with Fury Swipes, in mear 2 seconds. Adding his base damage, items you build, and the combination of his Ultimate that magnifies Fury Swipes, this hero can truly become a beast.

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The only disable for Ursa’s core skill is an item called “Silver Edge”, which allows his enemies to shut down Fury Swipes for 4 seconds, which in most cases, is not enough.

In nature, the wounded rarely survive the attacks of hungry predators.

enrage ursa warrior

R – Enrage – Ursa’s final spell is important as his combination of Overpower and Fury Swipes. Activating this ability Ursa goes into a frenzy, turning full red, unleashing his Enraged Spirit. He gains a staggering 80% damage reduction, allowing him to tank almost all damage of any source (except Pure damage such as Lina’s ultimate). Additionally, Ursa removes all negatives buff inflicted on him before activation of his Ultimate.

Besides its massive tank ability, the most important segment of his Ultimate is the Fury Swipes Multiplier. The Fury Swipes Multiplier, as its names states, multiplies the number of swipes per hit, going from 1.4/1.7 to 2 on its last level. This means by the time you’ve reached Level 16, you’ll be swiping a whole 784 damage per hit, with the double-Overpower combo mentioned in the Fury Swipes section.

The lasting time of Ursa’s Ultimate is only 4 seconds (5.5 with Talents), and with its cooldown (50/40/30, with Aghanim’s Scepter 30/24/18), the momentum, when ravages of battle rise, is most important.

Ulfsaar succumbs to his ancient spirit, becoming the most ferocious creature on the battlefield.

dota 2 ursa warrior guide for beginners

This concludes the ability part of our Dota 2 Ursa Warrior guide for beginners!

Gameplay and itemization:

Ursa Warrior operates best by beginning his journey in the jungle. With starting skill his Passive (E), and items such as Quelling Blade, Stout Shield and a pack of Tangos, clearing jungle camps is an easy-on way to great farming. After clearing two camps, you gain level two, allowing you to take your first point in Overpower. With these two combined and using the double-Overpower combo, any big camp gets cleared in an instant.

After just a couple of minutes, you will reach level 5, maxing out your passive to level 3, and grabbing that precious lifesteal item, The Morbid Mask. This will give you an opportunity to do Roshan solo, as you are the only one who can do this in the entire game. What is important here is that you buy Smoke, an 80 gold item, which will allow you to go invisible to enemy units, and allow you to sneak up into the Rosh-pit.

Red note – do not forget to use your double-Overpower combo on the beginning of the fight with Roshan, as without it, you will not succeed. After killing Roshan before minute 10, not only that the people in the game will be left speechless, but you will also gain level 9, and fiercely start to dominate the entire battlefield.

Since you’ve taken a big leap in the level advantage, and no one is even close to level 6, now it’s time to start hunting down your enemies. It begins by starting-up your double-Overpower combo, sneaking up from behind, and smashing the ground with Earthshock, slowing your enemies down and tearing them apart.

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After you’ve done this a couple of times, yet another precious item comes within your reach – The Blink Dagger (2250 gold). This beautiful item gives you an ability to jump 1200 units away, meaning you don’t have to sneak up anymore and give your opponents a chance to run away. Simply, prepare your combo, jump in, smash the ground, and trust me, they won’t know what hit them.

Blink Dagger Dota 2

Now, the mid-game has begun and new opportunities for more items have occurred. My honest opinion on what you should get, is Silver Edge (to be able to disengage in invisibility after Daggering in), Skull Basher (to combine your Overpower attack speed with it’s attack-triggering combo), Aghanim’s Scepter (for his Ultimate cooldown decrease), and in the late game Assault Cuirass, and Heart of Tarrasque (for tankiness).

dota 2 ursa roshanImage credit: Dota 2

Counters and synergy:


  • Lion & Shadow Shaman – 2 support Intelligence heroes with long-range and high duration disables (7+ seconds if timed correctly). Either one of these does a very good job against Ursa Warrior. For most of the game simply because the hero is unable to unleash the Overpowered swipes he has prepared for you.
  • Phantom Lancer – This champion is really hard to track down, as his spells consist of creating illusions and never showing his true self. Ursa Warrior has a hard time figuring out which one is the real Phantom Lancer.
  • Lina – One of the strongest, yet easiest champions to master stands as a great threat to Ursa Warrior. Her spells do great damage and stun Ursa for a short period of time, but what really bothers Ursa is her True Damage Ultimate that pierces his Enraged Form.

phantom lancer dota 2


  • Lion & Shadow Shaman – as his counters, they are also good with synergizing their disable abilities with your Fury Swipes during the laning phase. As they keep your enemy pinned down, all you need to do is swipe, overpower, rip and repeat. With supports, life on an Ursa Warrior is simple.
  • IO – best support when synergized with physical damage carries. IO, using his tether to connect with Ursa, gives him a great amount of attack speed, as well as HP and Mana Regen, in a sacrifice of his own. IO can also teleport himself with Ursa to gank up a lane or use this ability to save him from danger.
  • Tiny – A strength hero known for his tossing mechanics. While Ursa standing next to Tiny, Tiny has the ability to toss him up to 1300 range onto a selected target, releasing an Enraged Beast upon its enemies.

dota 2 ursaImage credit: Dota 2

Final notes:

If you’re a Dota 2 player that is looking to learn a new, fun, yet simple champion, with high carrying potential, then Ursa Warrior is the hero for you. He is always a fun pub-stomper pick, but if you’re looking to pick him in the Dota 2’s professional scene, you will need a good back-up team to support you. With this said, we conclude our Dota 2 Ursa Warrior guide for beginners, and as he loves to say – stay rampant!


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