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best alternatives to official digital sellers

You’ve been saving up some cash to buy a game that’s just about to come out but then, you open the store page, and get shocked. “$69.99 for this!? That’s asking too much, come on Ubisoft!”. What is there left for you to do? You’re $20 short for it and there’s no way you can quickly save enough money. So what exactly can you do? Find the best alternatives to official digital sellers – that’s what!

Finding an alternative digital seller to the official ones (such as Steam, the Sony store, Microsoft’s store, etc.) can help you save up some cash. Of course, I don’t think that asking $60 for a great game is too much, but why not try to save some money? Bulk deals are also something you might be interested in but that’s a topic for another time.

In this article, I’ll be talking about the best alternatives to official digital sellers and how they compare to the official stuff. 

Official Digital Sellers

steam logo

Source: Steam

Let’s start with Steam.

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Steam has become the placeholder digital seller for games since most publishers choose it as a platform to sell their game. Besides, Steam has been in our world for quite some time and people are generally comfortable with it. It has a nice UI and some great game deals (during Halloween for example) but is it as good as it sounds?

My personal experience with Steam is positive, although there were a couple of setbacks. For one, customer support is almost non-existent. I had two major issues with games that have disappeared from my inventory and received little response. Users, in general, agree with this statement.

fifa 19 cgc

What about Sony? Well, unless you own the console itself, you won’t be playing a lot of games made by them. Sure, there are a couple of games available on PC but it’s not the greatest marketplace. On top of that, console games usually cost a bit more.

Other official digital sellers work the same way. Their purpose is to sell you a game without requiring too much work. This makes official sellers great when you don’t want to mess around too much. All games coming through these digital sellers are checked and approved by the publishers themselves.

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So what’s the difference between official sellers and why might you want to go for alternative options?

Which are the Best Alternatives to Official Digital Sellers?

best alternatives to official digital sellers

The best alternatives to official digital sellers are:

and many others!

Now, when talking about the best alternatives to official digital sellers, people often don’t realize just how potent they can be. Alternative sellers (such as the ones we mentioned previously) usually aim to provide you with products that you can get for cheap.

This doesn’t mean that the products are worse or lower quality; the price is simply lower. What you probably didn’t know is that sites such as cheapestgamecards source their products from authorised sellers.

The games you find here are all cheaper than with the official sellers, but this can range from 5% to 50% or more, depending on the game, genre, publisher, size (indie or AAA), and many other reasons.

Rainbow 6 Siege

Some of the best alternatives to official digital sellers have the possibility of accepting a plethora of different payment methods (through various cards and in various currencies) which makes them extremely versatile and flexible. For example, some credit cards/debit cards won’t work with official digital sellers because of a variety of reasons, so that might mean a dead end if you opt for them.

Another reason why websites like cheapestgamecards might have an advantage over branded stores is simply because of customer support. Branded stores receive huge numbers of people and their customer support just can’t cover everyone (so automated systems are in place). The best alternatives almost always feature a customer support system that’s available 24/7 and you actually get qualified individuals to help you out. Their main goal here is to help you have the best time possible, without issues. This is because, well, they need the traffic since prices are cheaper.

So, What to Choose?

two choicesIf you aren’t worried about spending a lot of money and you don’t have time to find alternatives, get games for less, or something like that – go for the official sellers. You most likely won’t have any problems with the game and the process to buy one is straightforward. But you will have to be cautious when choosing a payment option because there aren’t that many available, in most cases at least.

On the other hand, try to find the best alternatives to official digital sellers. Not only will you save money, but you’ll know that the product you received is fair, trusted, and original. Plus, if you run into any issues with your purchase, the support team will be there to help. Some alternative sellers (such as cheapestgamecards) have live chat support which means your problem will likely be solved very quickly.

overwatch origins

Basically, the situation is similar to this example: Branded clothes shops and alternatives such as outlets. Outlets all feature original stuff from the brand itself, but you get it for cheaper.

And hey, if you ever wanted to play eSports and earn money doing so, becoming an affiliate for these alternative sellers might be a good idea! You could also attempt to stream on twitch and work with the affiliate program there.


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