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Many of us like to be like the pros. It doesn’t matter if it a football, basketball or a gaming pro. We would like to play like him, have his moves or even his gear. In this article we are picking the topic of the mouses that CS Go pros use. So which is the best mouse for CSGO? Let’s find out!

Like any other gear the mouse is very important for the gamer to show his skill and get the best result he can. There are different types of it, and every single one of them is somehow different from the other, by being lighter, faster, having more dpi or colors. There is always something, and even the shape of it has an act when you’re choosing the right mouse for your needs of playing CS Go on the best level possible.

Recently the mouse production industry, like any other connected with gaming began exploding and bringing new things in very short time frames. So, there are few companies that produce first class mouses for gaming. And in them even fewer are the mouses we can categorize as first class that can be recommended to anyone without being afraid of being disappointed.

While there’s no obvious favorite because each mouse has its pros and cons, these five are the current leaders. Many professional players seem to enjoy them so whichever gaming mouse for CSGO you pick – it’ll serve its purpose!

What is the best Mouse for CSGO Players Today?

5. BenQ Zowie EC2-A

BenQ Zowie EC2 best gaming mouse for csgo

BenQ Zowie EC2

If being designed specifically for competitive CS or knowing that the person who helped shape and form this mouse is Emil “Heaton” Christensen is not enough, knowing that 25% of CS Go pros use this mouse will surely peek your interest. It’s biggest pro is its shape that is designed specifically for having it in the grip for long hours without having pain and stuff like that, add that to the lightweight and the beautiful but simplistic look and you have yourself a perfect mouse for playing the game you like!


CS:GO Professionals that use the BenQ Zowie EC2-A mouse:

  • device (Astralis)
  • Magisk (Astralis)
  • Brollan (Fnatic)
  • Nitro (Team Liquid)
  • olofmeister (Faze Clan)

4.  Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro gaming mouse CSGO

Logitech G Pro

If you are looking for cheap but really good mouse, that a lot of CSGO pros have and use you’ve come to the right place. With an optical sensor that handles precision very well, having billions of colors and being lightweight this is a mouse to go for.  Smaller mouse which would not be recommended for people with larger hands. But being wireless and pretty cheap surely will help you decide that you want it.

CS:GO Professionals that use the Logitech G Pro mouse:

  • Stewie2K (Team Liquid)
  • karrigan (Mousesports)
  • shox (G2)
  • Skadoodle (ex-Cloud9)
  • n0thing (ex-Cloud9)

3. Razer Deathadder Elite

RAZER DeathAdder Elite CSGO gaming mouse

RAZER DeathAdder Elite

One of the best gaming mice ever produced. With grip and feel like you’re in heaven, and light, easy to use gives you the perfect description why you should buy this mouse and never feel disappointed by a mouse again. The only downside is the time it will take you to install its software, but if you do that be ready for a perfect lightning experience on top of statistics and heatmaps so you can track you individual play style. Pretty handy isn’t it? Not very expensive and very desirable this is definitely one of the mouses you have to have in mind.

CS:GO Professionals that use the Razer Deathadder Elite mouse:

  • Pashabiceps (ex-Virtus Pro)
  • Espiranto (Valiance)
  • Wardell (Ghost gaming)
  • disco doplan (Ancient)
  • FNS (free agent)

2. SteelSeries Rival

SteelSeries Rival gaming mouse for CSGO

SteelSeries Rival

A budget focused mouse that won’t disappoint with advanced optical sensor and a lot of RGB configurations. But, opposite from the Logitech G Pro this mouse is not for the small handed. Pretty big mouse with 6 programmable buttons on it and adjustable sensor for response time. Good buy if you want something cheaper with a lot of positive reviews for its look and ergonomics and on top of that its very precise.

CS:GO Professionals that use the SteelSeries Rival mouse:

  • Fer (MIBR)
  • mir (Gambit)
  • innocent (AGO)
  • blameF (Heroic)
  • Fl0m (streamer)

1. Zowie FK1-FK2

BenQ Zowie FK1 gaming mouse

BenQ Zowie FK1

Not the best of them all but a pretty good mouse for sure. Having an option to switch between 400/800/1600/3200 dpi and containing Avago 3310 optical sensor allows you to have precise headshots at least. Another thing that can provoke you to buy it is the design for using it with both hands and not even a problem for the big handed gamers that stressed out until now. Look it up its pretty quality mouse, no wonder so many pros use it and are pretty successful with it.

CS:GO Professionals that use the Zowie FK1-FK2 mouse:

  • s1mple (Natus Vincere)
  • Kjarebye (North)
  • Adren (Gambit)
  • Snax (Virtus Pro)


All in all not one of this five mouses is bad, but one is the best for sure. Having the design, comfort, speed and being so light definitely gives the Zowie EC2-A the edge over the others. So I’d say that this is the best mouse for CSGO players everywhere!


And it’s no wonder why so many people use this mouse. You have my recommendation to buy it, but if you feel any of the other 4 is better to go for it. In the end, you are buying it for youself, aren’t you?

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