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multiplayer sex games

Adult games are no longer uncommon and 3D virtual reality is taking it to a whole new level. The high-quality graphics found in today’s games make them feel more life-like than ever. This coupled with the fact that you can actually create your own world in some games make online multiplayer sex games even more attractive. What’s more, haptic sex innovations make the experiences more physically interactive too.

So here’s a look at some of the best multiplayer sex games and RPGs. It includes 2D adventure islands, 3D social networking, reality gaming and more.



multiplayer sex games

Released in 2006, Utherverse, pronounced ‘Otherverse’ is a digital world consisting of players in search of an adult gaming experience. It was originally modelled after the red-light districts in Amsterdam. With this game you get to choose who you are, the job you have and people you would like to get intimate with.

Utherverse also makes for a second life where you can host and attend parties and other social gatherings enabling you to connect with other players. Such interactions, with both players and non-players, really makes this game very popular. Reason being, you could form real bonds with other users, add them to your social network and maybe even hook up online.


multiplayer sex games

3DXChat is definitely one of the top multiplayer sex games around. Its ultra-realistic interactions and high-res graphics make it one of the most impressive adult games available. The game allows you to create an avatar of yourself wherein you can customise yourself in detail. Once the digital version of you is ready the game begins.

Having said that, there isn’t much of gaming to be had here. The main objective in 3DXChat is the virtual sex itself. Players are allowed to roam freely in search of partners and there are hundreds of sex animators on offer. You can dance at live DJ parties, chill on luxury yachts or if you prefer – tropical beaches. if you’re looking to take it up a notch use the compatible Oculus Rift headset and Vstroker sex sleeve to make it more realistic.

Chathouse 3D

multiplayer sex games

Chathouse 3D has been around for a while now, what this implies is that the game has built a solid following and edged out its glitches. In this 3D world you could get on with willing players or watch others – if you’re into that stuff. The multiplayer sex sim has tons of choices for costumes, sex positions, sex toys and other kinks. The game also has a pretty good social networking scene.

Once you’ve set yourself up you can immediately get to exploring the Chathouse 3D world – meet, date, chat and have sex with other players. There’s even escorts available here, however, you do have to pay them to enjoy the benefits. One of the nicest features about this adult game is playing in ‘Single mode’. This lets you play without having to interact with real players in case your charm or luck isn’t working.



multiplayer sex games

Role-playing game Sociolotron is where you could escape to for your darkest fantasies. It is a world with no rules that has blackmail, violence, taboo sex and (ahem!) murder too.

Socioltron runs on its own economy. Players can own property, manage bars and even run for public office. There are cult systems based on blood magic and sex practices involved that help users gain more power. As if all this isn’t enough you also have the option of becoming a demon in hell.


multiplayer sex games

Much like 3DXChat and Chathouse 3D, Achat offers dating, flirting and sex simulation but its graphics aren’t as up to the mark as the other two. Having said that it does offer a reasonably good virtual experience and the fact that it has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times stands to say something.

It’s a simple game devoid of any missions or challenges. You’re free to roam and explore optimising your chances for intimate meetings. There’s about 30 locations, including 5 open spaces and private meeting rooms to check out. You also get the choice of 560 sexual positions with around 20 variants to each. This amounts to more than 11,000 ways to have sex with AChat.


Second Life

multiplayer sex games

Second Life is considered to be the largest 3D virtual world, however, as we’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t specialise in just sex. It’s also technically not a ‘game’ and there are no overarching goals or aims. It is a free roaming environment where you get to live an online life. However, it does offer a lot of similarities to RPGs or sex/dating sims.

Intended to be used by players above the age of 18, Second Life users do interact with others by flirting, dating, having sex and forming more lasting relationships too. However, regular avatars don’t include genitalia so users need to purchase them if they’re thinking about having sex. You could also purchase seductive outfits and “skin” to show off in the nude. You could also choose from array of animated poses and equipment if you’re looking to indulge in BDSM. One of the best things about it is that Second Life supports teledildonics. So you could sync virtual sex toys and experience enhanced pleasures. If you do decide to check it out, try clubs like Indulge & Cocky and Black Planet to dabble in the adult side. You could also find burlesque clubs, BDSM dungeons, sex workers and adult role-playing environments.

MNF Club

multiplayer sex games

This quirky 2D adventure game is a new addition to the available collection of multiplayer sex games. Set on a small island MNF (Meet n Fuck) Club lets you explore interactions with other players through basic functions privately and in group settings. You start off by choosing your avatar and then being dropped off on the island homeless with only a grand in your pocket. Then you go about top find your own way.

You could use the member’s forum to connect with players beyond the game’s environment. If you’re tired of just having sex while playing you could focus earning money, purchasing property and building a life for yourself on the island. While there is an option to play MNF Club for free, in order to get the best experience it is recommended to pay for a premium subscription.


multiplayer sex games

Yareel is known to be one of the most user-friendly online multiplayer sex games. After creating your avatar you could browse for other users or allow the game to randomly select your next partner. You even have the choice of indulging in threesomes and gangbangs. As part of the game you earn more rewards for the sex you have.

While there are daily quests to complete there isn’t all too much to the game. It is linked to basic NSFW versions of The Sims. Yareel has a pretty good social networking function so you could actually meet players in real life. If you try it and enjoy the game you could support the developers of this title through their crowdfunding/content subscription platform on Patreon.

Genital Jousting

multiplayer sex games

It may sound absurd but the game is more fun than it would seem. You could take part in events like the Weiner Round Up, Obstacle Intercourse and Double Delight.

Devour Digital is the creator of this multiplayer party game that is a little quirky. You could play this game online or locally with upto 8 players simultaneously. In Genital Jousting you take control of John,  a floppy penis with balls and an anus to complete some challenges against other friends or opponents.

It may sound absurd but the game is more fun than it would seem. You could take part in events like the Weiner Round Up, Obstacle Intercourse and Double Delight. You get to penetrate or get penetrated in a rapid-fire game of silly and sexually suggestive tasks.


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