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Welcome to our guide about the best paying Esports jobs of today! Let’s begin, shall we?

Esports, as a whole, is probably one of the most versatile and interesting career choices you can make. There are so many positions ready to be filled at times that the companies with these job openings simply cannot go through all the applications. Yet people always think that eSports jobs basically mean just playing games competitively. There’s a lot more to eSports than just gaming.

Not a single tournament would be possible if it weren’t for the people behind the scenes; working on animations, interviews, commentating, social media operators, etc. It might seem like easy stuff, but the logistics behind organizing large tournaments, as well as developing the game to fit the mindset and fun-factor of your target audience is insane.

On top of that, the eSports industry is by far the newest addition to the plethora of industries we have today. Because of this, it isn’t too difficult finding a job, but it does require some research and experience. You can’t just come up to a gaming company and say “Hey guys, I’d like to be a commentator for the upcoming tournament matches”. You need to impress them enough, but in general, it isn’t too difficult.

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That is, if you have what it takes. Talent goes a long way but practice and experience is what cements a deal; if you leave a good first impression, you might get an answer back (the contents of that answer are important whether they’re negative or positive). If they turn you down but answer back, you’ve definitely made your mark and have intrigued them enough.

So, what exactly can you do in the eSports industry and what are the best paying jobs?

Image Courtesy: LoL eSports

Work, work… work?

When you watch a stream and see a couple of professional commentators and analysts talk it out while a game is going out in the background, you often find yourself thinking “Hey I can do that!”. They all make it seem so easy. But this just isn’t the case.

Whether you’re interested in commentating, playing in tournaments, testing games, or even coaching a team – you need to have at least some experience. Some companies don’t require experience but an open mind, creativity, focus, tidiness, and various other characteristics that would fit their narrative and work ethic. You will, however, have to go through training (possibly) that would enable you to know what you’re doing as quickly as possible.

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Remember that none of these jobs are easy; you can’t just jump in and expect to be the best at what you do. It takes time and dedication; and if you don’t have those at your disposal, I’m afraid that there isn’t a job out there that would accommodate you. When you sign a contract, you’re there, meaning that you can’t sit around in your home and work when you want. There are deadlines, specific tasks that need to be done, and everything in between.

Now you know what is needed. In truth, the requirements are more complicated than what I wrote here, but this is basically the gist of it. Different companies and job positions have different requirements so be prepared to research a lot.

So, What Are the Best Paying Esports Jobs?

Panel of Commentators at the Forluma 1 eSports Series

Panel of Commentators at the Forluma 1 eSports Series [Img Credit: Formula 1]

Some of the best paying Esports jobs today are:

  • Professional Gamer
  • Esports Caster
  • Head of Community
  • Game Tester/QA Tester
  • Recruiter/Digital Media Talent Agent

We’ll cover all of these in a bit so stay with us!

I guess it’s time I start talking about the specifics of the best paying eSports jobs. But before I do, here’s an interesting thought: While you’re waiting to find the job best suited for you, eSports betting can also provide a good source of income. Stay in the game long enough and you’ll know exactly what to bet on every time to maximize your chances of winning. Besides, it’s a fun pass-time activity!

Now, it’s finally time I shut up about this stuff and begin with the jobs (about time, eh?)

best paying jobs in esports

Image Source: Business Insider

Digital Media Talent Agent/Recruiter

Salary: $54,000+

Requirements: 4 years experience in talent recruitment in digital space and 3 or more years of experience in customer service and sales.

Your purpose at this position would be to scout talents and people all around the world (or in specific locations) according to the company’s needs. This is all related to the gaming industry, so you’d be the middle-man; connecting talents with job openings (or professional players for your eSports team!).

Head of Community

Salary: $32,000+

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree that’s relevant to the job position with 3+ years of management experience.

Speaking of community; why not join our contributor writer team?

Directly establish and monitor various community programmes that are related to gaming, tournaments, eSports in general, and Twitch integration. Live streaming has become a crucial part of the industry and you, as the Head of Community, would have to figure all of this stuff out. Not too shabby!

game testers in action

Image Courtesy: OZI Technology Group

Game Tester/QA Tester

Salary: $60,000+ (6+ years experience)

Requirements: Relevant QA testing experience with a minimum of 6 months.

Oh yeah, this job position is here too. I think most of us gamers wanted to at least test games when we were younger so this could be a dream-come-true for many of you. Although, there is a rich technical side which requires you to document bugs and glitches and report them to the people above who will take care of the issues. In all honesty though, this is a very fun job (although tedious at times).

eSports Commentator/Reporter


best paying esports jobs

Salary: $35,000+

Requirements: 2-3 years of experience in the news business (mainly writing publications).

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Well, if you ever wanted to be Phreak and commentate games like a madman, here’s your chance. The salary is great and you’ll have contact with fellow gamers quite often (plus, the eSports scene would slowly get to know you and love/hate you!)

Professional Gamer

pro gamer esports jobs

Image Source: Gravity Gaming

Salary: Varies

Requirements: Be the best!

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And, finally, you can become a professional gamer, although you’ll have to become the best at what you do. This can be very difficult due to how saturated the player base is for all popular eSports games, plus you’ll have to go through the best players. If you make a large enough mark, someone might pick you up and your dream of showing the world what you’re made of could be realized.


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Georgia Cato
3 years ago

That’s why I loved eSports, you are not just a gamer, you will get benefits too while playing any eSports games. Not only that, you will also get additional income by streaming on your favorite eSports games.

Jenessa Kornelia
3 years ago

You must learn the game first before you became well-known caster, Not all of the eSports game are far good to stream. Just like on League of Legends, I don’t know why so many ppl playing that shit game. I don’t really like the game itself, it’s too far from the DOTA2.

Jesper Marceau
3 years ago

I’m an QA Tester itself, and I loved what I’m doing. It’s really true that you will earn huge money in the game-industry. I think this article was a big help for those who want to enter in game-industry.