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Nowadays, everything tends to be overpriced. It’s not enough to obtain a game anymore, as you have to keep up with appealing cosmetics and tempting extensions regularly. However, there is a way you can adopt the less expensive, rather than the more expensive method of obtaining video games. We have gathered a list of places that won’t leave you with a feeling of sharp pain in your wallet after you’re done shopping with them. Without further ado, these are some of the best platforms for finding cheap games.

What are the best places for purchasing cheap games?

1. Steam

website for steam keys

When you’re holding up to 18% of the global PC games sale, it’s simple to see why Steam is far ahead of the competition. Valve has made sure that Steam offers you good deals with a vast gaming library that can suit everybody’s needs. If you are looking to take the most of this platform, make purchases during the seasonal sales. During these sellouts, you will be able to acquire your favorite titles for up to 80% of their original price. However, take notice that these deals are time-limited, so make sure to obtain your cheap games on the course of the event!

2. HumbleBundle

Games bundle sale

HumbleBundle is a great place to be, as it offers various content, from games to ebooks and software. Although you will be able to purchase the discounted games, this storefront is known for its bundle offering. Bundles are set to rotate by week or month, and the purchaser determines the price. No matter what the cost, you will get an opportunity to put your price tag on it. Aside from offering you cheap games, HumbleBundle will donate a portion of the price to charities. What better way to spend your money?


Best website for cheap games

Those who haven’t experienced the joy of games cannot understand the path of troubles that precedes it. The lavish prices developers set for us, having already purchased a game, they can additionally require from us to pay for the monthly subscription or whatever else comes to their minds. Luckily, we have Gamivo to acknowledge our struggles, as this global marketplace is run by Gamers for Gamers.

Whatever title you seek to find, it will most likely already be here for an astonishing price. Remembering how much I have spent on console games in the past leaves me with a grudge. Those days are now left behind, as Gamivo offers an easy way to purchase games from various platforms. Origin, Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation, all can be found in one place.

In plain words, with Gamivo, you will get an opportunity to buy in the cheapest market and sell in the dearest. Therefore, if you have a game on your mind, it’s likely waiting for you on Gamivo at a dirt cheap price.

4. G2A

g2a cheap games

With a long-lasting history, G2A is considered to be one of the best platforms for purchasing inexpensive gaming titles. What sets apart G2A from other markets is its G2Pay system. With G2Pay, you will be able to obtain cheap games using whatever payment method there is. If PayPal doesn’t suit you, you can even pay with Bitcoin!

5. Good Old Games

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The name Good old Games might mislead, however, the platform will offer you contemporary AAA titles aside from the old ones. For those who like to go back to the golden age of the gaming industry, a stream of classics will be standing at disposal. If you are having doubts between a few titles, user reviews will help you make a choice. There should always be a place for classics, and Gog made sure it is secured!

6. Green Man Gaming

Green man Gaming review

Those familiar to Steam have probably already heard of Green Man Gaming. Having over six thousand games at their disposal, this UK based organization is sure to accommodate everyone’s needs. If you proceed to register an account on the service, you will be getting the EXP loyalty program with extra discounts.

7. GamersGate

Is GamersGate legit

With GamersGate storefront, you will be offered electronic strategy guides aside from their wide collection of cheap games. Aside from purchasing keys, GamersGate allows you to download games directly. Being a competitor to Steam, the Sweden-based company is a safe choice for purchasing cheap games.


Free indie games

Indie titles have their place on the market, and is the site to look for them. The best thing about is that most of the games are free-to-play. Still, the developers can put a price-tag on their games, but spending a few bucks on the game you like is always a good deed.

9. Game Deal Daily

Daily game deals


With Game Deal Daily, the name speaks for itself. Aside from the obvious, they claim to hold the cheapest deals you can find. Gaming accessories, games, and game keys can all be found for a reasonable price. However, with Game Deal Daily, you should keep an eye on the featured deal, as it offers a mind-blowing discount on one of the trending games.

10. SlickDeals

Cheap game deals

If you still haven’t had luck with the previous websites, maybe SlickDeals has a deal for you. Not only will you be able to find games at a cheap price, but also components to turn your PC into a high-powered monster. Console players are not put aside, as SlickDeals offer console bundles as well.

Is it safe to buy cheap games from a digital marketplace?

The first and most important question that comes to our mind when visiting platforms like this. It will come as a relief that buying from Gamivo, G2A, and GoG is perfectly safe. Certain precautions should be taken if a price sounds too shady, but the same principle goes with some of the more popular websites like Amazon or Ebay. There is no reason to be frightened, as cheap games to exist, and they are sure to be found on the platforms mentioned above.

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