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Nowadays, everything tends to be overpriced. It’s not enough to obtain a game anymore, as you have to keep up with appealing cosmetics and tempting extensions regularly. You’d think that cheap games in 2019 aren’t that common of an occurrence – but you’d be wrong.

There is a way you can adopt the less expensive, rather than the more expensive method of obtaining video games. We have gathered a list of places that won’t leave you with a feeling of sharp pain in your wallet after you’re done shopping with them. What’s better than finding the perfect cheap game websites where you can pick up your favorite games – for a fraction of the price! So yeah, you can thank us later for all this research; until then – enjoy!

What are the Best Places for Purchasing Cheap Games in 2019?

10. Steam

Steam logoWhen you’re holding up to 18% of the global PC games sale, it’s easy to see why Steam is far ahead of the competition. Valve has made sure that Steam offers you good deals with a vast gaming library that can suit everybody’s needs. If you are looking to take the most of this platform, make purchases during the seasonal sales. During these sellouts, you will be able to acquire your favorite titles for dirt cheap (discounts go as high as 80%!).

However, take notice that these deals are time-limited, so make sure to obtain your cheap games on the course of the event! On top of that, there are often game publisher weekends where you can purchase bundles for less. Or, if you don’t want a bundle, getting just your favorite title works too!

Who says you can’t buy cheap games on Steam?


  • Cross-Platform Game Support
  • Wide Game Selection
  • Largest Digital Game Distribution Platform
  • Sales!
  • Cloud Saving
  • Gifting Games
  • Refunds for Games Played less than 120 Minutes
  • User-Created Content/Steam Workshop
  • Achievements
  • Huge Active Community
  • Quick Downloads


  • DRM Protection
  • Expensive AAA Titles
  • Out of Sales, Prices are Sometimes Too High
  • Little-to-no Support for Older Games

9. HumbleBundle

humble bundle cheap game websites logoHumbleBundle is a great place to be, as it offers various content, from games to ebooks and software. Although you will be able to purchase the discounted games, this storefront is known for its bundle offering.

Bundles are set to rotate by week or month, and the purchaser determines the price. No matter what the cost, you will get an opportunity to put your price tag on it. Aside from offering you cheap games, HumbleBundle will donate a portion of the price to charities. What better way to spend your money?

Oh, and let’s not forget the friendly attitude surrounding HumbleBundle – it’s all so nice, isn’t it?


  • Loads of Bundles!
  • Ability to Download DRM-Free Games
  • Pay-what-you-want Basis
  • Monthly Subscription ($12/month and you get awesome game bundles)
  • Supports the Devs!
  • Supports Charity!
  • Choose Where your Money Goes!


  • Regular Game Prices are Higher than Elsewhere
  • Quick Game Succession in Bundles 🙁


Gamivo Logo Digital Distribution WebsiteThose who haven’t experienced the joy of games cannot understand the path of troubles that precedes it. The lavish prices developers set for us, having already purchased a game, they can additionally require from us to pay for the monthly subscription or whatever else comes to their minds. Luckily, we have Gamivo to acknowledge our struggles, as this global marketplace is run by Gamers, for Gamers.

Whatever title you seek to find, it will most likely already be here for an astonishing price (such as the case of Borderlands 3 game codes). Remembering how much I have spent on console games in the past leaves me with a grudge. Those days are now left behind, as Gamivo offers an easy way to purchase games from various platforms. Origin, Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation, all can be found in one place.

In plain words, with Gamivo, you will get an opportunity to buy in the cheapest market and sell in the dearest. Therefore, if you have a game on your mind, it’s likely waiting for you on Gamivo at a dirt cheap price.


  • Vast Collection of Games
  • One of the Cheapest Digital Distribution Platforms for Games
  • Offers an Affiliate Program!
  • Multi-Platform Support!
  • Awesome Customer Support (we all know how Steam sucks in this regard)


  • Some AAA Game Prices don’t Differ Too Much from Other Vendors
  • Only 2 Languages on Site (English and German)
  • Site is Generally Fast, but Sometimes Slows Down due to Amount of Games

7. G2A

G2A Cheap Game Website LogoWith a long-lasting history, G2A is considered to be one of the best platforms for purchasing inexpensive gaming titles. What sets G2A apart from other markets is its G2Pay system. With G2Pay, you will be able to obtain cheap games using whatever payment method there is. If PayPal doesn’t suit you, you can even pay with Bitcoin!

Unfortunately, G2A can fall short in some fields; at least according to some people. Personally though, I’ve never had any issues with G2A but that might just be me and luck. In any case, G2A is one of the better cheap game websites that you can find in 2019.


  • In Most Cases, Games are Cheaper than Elsewhere
  • Finding a Steam Game here is a Blessing


  • Not All Sold Game Keys are Legit (G2A is a user-driven market)
  • Some Functionality on Site is Hard to Get Rid Of (Like G2A’s protection which is unnecessary)

6. Good Old Games

GOG LogoThe name Good old Games might mislead, however, the platform will offer you contemporary AAA titles aside from the old ones. For those who like to go back to the golden age of the gaming industry, a stream of classics will be at your disposal. If you are having doubts between a few titles, user reviews will help you make a choice. There should always be a place for classics, and GOG makes sure of that!

There are plenty of positives to take from GOG and their business model. Cheap game websites aren’t always respectable and trustworthy (trust me when I say, there are more fake game websites than real ones), but GOG does an amazing job.


  • DRM-Free Games!
  • GOG Galaxy (Game Client) is Optional; Can use the site only
  • Money-Back Guarantee!
  • Sales For Every Season
  • Sometimes, GOG Gives you Free Games!


  • Dated Game Library
  • No Linux Support
  • No Support for Steam Achievements

5. Kinguin

Kinguin cheap games logoOur favorite cheap games penguin – Kinguin!

Kinguin is a household name as far as the digital distribution world is concerned. Well, in gaming at least. There are so many cheap games to choose from, especially in 2019, that it’s a wonder people don’t spend all of their day just shopping.

Jokes aside, Kinguin is a reputable and effective games distributor. In 99% of the cases, you won’t run into any issues and the transaction will be complete before you know it. After that, it’s plain sailing and playing your favorite games!


  • A Unique Website to Sell (and Buy) Second-Hand Games
  • Get Credit with Each Purchase that you can Exchange for a Cheaper Price
  • One of the Cheapest Game Websites in 2019


  • Some Sellers are Shady (be cautious!)

4. Green Man Gaming

green man gaming logoPlaying video games in 2019 is a fun affair. Most titles are thought of in great detail, but it’s the indie games that seem to do better than AAA titles. Nevertheless, all of these game types are available at Green Man Gaming; a digital distributor like no other.

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Basically, what’s so special about this game vendor? Well, you can play your favorite 2019 games and earn discounts on the titles you don’t have! You don’t have to be amazingly skilled at a specific game to earn a discount, but you still need to play and not mess around.

In any case, just by playing you can expand your game library by quite a lot (thanks to the discounts!)


  • Discounts Based on Previous Purchases
  • Discounts on Pre-Releases and New Titles
  • Also, Discounts with PlayFire (play games using PlayFire GMG and earn discounts at GMG)


  • No Refunds to Other Stores Such as Steam, UPlay, Origin, etc.

3. Itch.io

itch io game website logoIndie titles have their place on the market, and Itch.io is the site to look for them. The best thing about Itch.io is that most of the games are free-to-play. Still, the developers can put a price-tag on their games, but spending a few bucks on the game you like is always a good deed.

You could say that Itch.io scratches that cheap games ‘itch’ ayy.

In any case, if you decide to spend some quality time simply exploring the website, I can guarantee you that it’ll take a long time. Yup, loads of indie games! There’s nothing better than supporting some indie devs if their game is great. And that’s exactly what Itch.io is supposed to do – help bring obscure and rare indie games to gamers all around the world – and for cheap prices!


  • Loads of Indie Games!
  • Vast Discoverable Network of Indie Games (Rich Library)
  • Pay-what-you-want Business Model (with some optional yet presented minimums)
  • Everyone can Post a Game on Itch.io!
  • Gives Sellers the Opportunity to Set-Up their own Amount of Revenue Share


  • You guessed it – No AAA Games or Anything of the Sort

2. TheIndieGala

indiegala logo cheap games websitesThis website isn’t exactly oriented towards selling and purchasing games, but it does have the functionality. See, TheIndieGala was formed as a means of expression. Game creators can easily post their own games on the site and either offer them up for free, or ask for a small fee. Everyone wins!

TheIndieGala is committed to providing the best indie game experience there is. Cheap games and rich thrills (not the other way around haha) are all to be found at this digital distributor website. If you’re a lover of indie games, many of which are stellar and unique, you’ll love this website and you’ll love the way it was designed. Quite simply – just grab some indie games and lock yourself in a room!


  • The Go2 Platforms for Indie Developers
  • Free Demos and Games!
  • Weekly Giveaways!
  • Some Games Support Steam Cards (and it’s clearly displayed)


  • Europeans – VAT Trouble (20% more expensive thanks to it!)

1. CheapestGameCards

Cheapest Game Cards LogoThe final stop on your search for the cheapest game websites in 2019 is here. Along a couple of other game vendors on our list, CheapestGameCards is slightly lesser-known than its larger brethren (like G2A, Gamivo, etc.). This by no means signals that it’s any less valuable to a gamer.

The shop is filled with game cards, digital codes, memberships (such as Xbox Live), gift cards, and platform-specific vouchers (PSN). Although fully equipped with AAA titles and some smaller games, it isn’t quite the haven for indie games or the sort. Nonetheless, at CheapestGameCards you can find anything you want; any of your favorite titles – for cheap. And I think that’s the most important bit!


  • Rich Game Collection
  • Access to Various Different Game Cards and Memberships
  • Sales Happen Often
  • 3 Main Price Point Sections (Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest)
  • Quick Processing


  • Doesn’t Have Too Many Smaller Games
  • Some Deals Aren’t that Great

Is it Safe to Buy Cheap Games From a Digital Marketplace?

The first and most important question that comes to our mind when visiting platforms like this. It will come as a relief that buying from Gamivo, G2A, and GoG is perfectly safe. Certain precautions should be taken if a price sounds too shady, but the same principle goes with some of the more popular websites like Amazon or Ebay. There is no reason to be frightened, as cheap games do exist, and they are sure to be found on the platforms mentioned above.

Did you catch any great game deals on these websites? Do you like them? Let us know in the comments below!


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