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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Twitch? Cringey moments, funny moments, insane plays? Whatever it is, it most likely won’t be wholesome moments! The best Twitch moments don’t have to be pure controversy stories about streamers breaking the rules. You could argue that mentions of Twitch in controversial fashion skyrocketed in the past year or so.

On the flip side, there are plenty of amazing, warm moments as well. It’s good to break up the negativity every once in a while, so we’re prepared some general info on the good shit people do on Twitch!

Wholesome Twitch moments inbound; prepare your anti-onion glasses and delve into the world of the best Twitch moments as far as positivity is concerned!

The Best Twitch Moments that are Wholesome

1. Money Donations on Stream

If you have ever watched Twitch you might have seen that donations are very common but unfortunately for smaller streamers, elusive. The surprise here, however, are donations which these smaller streamers never expect.

Many Youtubers dare Twitch streamers to do stuff and pay large amounts for those challenges. Upon receiving the donation, the initial reaction is often the same; “This can’t be real!” Some streamers begin to cry which shows how much they care and are happy to see their hard work pay off. Such moments are wholesome because the Twitch streamers get rewarded for their content, and the donations make their day. Nothing better than seeing others smile!

The best example that can be cited here is of Jimmy, best known as Mr. Beast. He is a popular Youtuber who does challenges and stuff which involves giving away money. He has filmed many videos in which he gives money to random Twitch streamers. Among them were people who thought that this was just a scam and the money was going to be refunded but upon being ensured of its reality, they cried. Wholesome!

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2. Kids On Stream

Another significant contribution towards making the most wholesome moments are kids. Kids who happen to appear on stream during games or stream the games themselves for a good cause, are the best of the bunch. At times, kids say things which are so deep and sensational that even elders seem to get emotional and heartfelt. A brilliant example of this happened 2 years back on Nadeshot, a popular streamer’s stream. This was the exchange of Dialogues:

*Both Die*

Nadeshot: “I’m sorry dude I tried my best, there were so many people on us.”

Kid: “It was my fault.”

Nadeshot: “No it wasn’t your fault, we ran into so many people at one time, it was nobody’s fault.”

Kid: “No I dragged you down cuz you are like a Pro no I’m a noob.”

Nadeshot: “No it’s not like that at all. We could’ve won that, We got rally far together that was great.”

Kid: “But I’m trash and you play with Ninja and stuff.”

Nadeshot: “No, No dude come on man it’s not like that. Me and You were just having fun, we could’ve won that. You did a great job the entire time.”

Kid: “Ohh Ohh”

Nadeshot: “I promise you did”

Kid: “Ohh Okay, Thank You.”

Following this clip going viral Nadeshot responded saying this:

“Hey guys, this clip was taken from my stream. I’ve had a lot of positive influences in my life that have come from gaming and so I try my best to pay it forward with everyone I encounter. As I’ve gotten older and more mature, I’ve realized how important this is. Didn’t think so many people would see this! Thanks for the kind words.”

This shows that there are still people who care about others. They try to be friendly with them so they feel better and not bummed out.

Another example I would like to mention is of the infamous streamer “Tyler Blevins” AKA Ninja. His and Dr.Lupo’s son’s exchange of word is very wholesome, adorable and cute. I couldn’t keep myself from repeatedly hearing it.

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3. Hosting Smaller Streamers

Twitch has a feature which enables streamers to host someone else’s stream once they go offline. Streamers don’t use this feature too often; after all, everyone’s looking out for themselves. On the other hand, some large streamers host other smaller, less-popular streamers in an effort to promote exposure. This keeps the community close and away from fights that emerge from popularity conflicts.

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a Polish-Canadian full time Twitch Streamer often hosts smaller streamers while being offline. This shows that he has respect and affection towards them and is encouraging them to step up to the main stage. This shows that he has not forgotten his journey towards fame and wants to give back to the community. In doing so, he promotes friendliness and connections between people in the community. Truly one of the best Twitch moments that you can encounter while watching.

4. Charity

Streaming for charity has become a popular trend on Twitch and it’s fairly successful. Foundations such as Make-a-Wish send in some children who are mentally or physically ill (sadly, with terminal illnesses too) to appear on stream or play games with their favorite streamers. The humility and politeness shown to them by streamers is extremely wholesome. The reactions of people with disabilities to certain things are a show that, even in the face of darkness, there is a sight of light.

We hope you enjoyed this article read on the best Twitch moments that are wholesome! There’s so much more to see on Twitch and experience it, so we left that part of the adventure to you.

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Were there any wholesome moments you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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