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If you’re a fan of betting or, in this particular case, eSports betting, then you’ve probably heard about BetWay. BetWay has been at the top of the betting game for quite some time but, as with all bookies, a review is in order. Oh, and if you haven’t heard about them, you’re about to fall in love because this betting website is absolutely amazing!

The eSports culture has been expanding for years and has finally reached a certain place where you can safely say that it’s ingrained in our lives. Those who love watching or even playing eSports know what I’m talking about. The online competitive scene is saturated with many great games which is healthy for the entire eSports culture.

So, how well did BetWay adapt to this?

BetWay Review | Betting Types that are Available

BetWay is no slouch when it comes to betting options and you’ll surely enjoy what they have in store. Basically, most bets are your usual, ‘a is the winner/b is the winner’ but there are a couple of special ones such as group winner, or group of the winner (these two are completely different). With the first one, you bet on who you think will be 1st when the group stage is over (if it exists in a tournament). Regarding the second one, you just pick the group from which the winner will come out.

Sometimes, there are special bets but they’re rare and generally available for only one or two video games (due to their nature).

On the other hand, BetWay’s eSports betting assortment is impressive; there are 12 games to choose from (some of which I’ve completely forgotten existed!) and that’s where their popularity comes from. Oh yeah, the betting odds are pretty good as well!

BetWay Review | Payment Methods at BetWay

If you’ve been having problems with other bookmakers regarding money withdrawal or depositing, you’ll have the exact opposite experience with BetWay. They accept plenty of different payment methods, but not all of them are supported for withdrawals.

Here’s a list that should help you understand just how versatile BetWay really is:

Supported Payment Methods:

    • Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa; MasterCard withdrawal not supported)

    • Debit Card (Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard Debit, Entropay; MasterCard withdrawal not supported)

    • PayPal

    • Skrill + Skrill 1-Tap

    • PaySafeCard (Withdrawals not supported)

    • Trustly (Withdrawals not supported)

    • Neteller

    • EntroPay

Okay, so not all payment methods are supported for withdrawal on BetWay but even so, most people use PayPal in combination with a credit/debit card. So, in the end, you’ll surely be able to withdraw any hard-earned cash without issue!

BetWay Review | Customer Support

Customer support over at BetWay is pretty flawless. There’s the Live Chat option but you should really opt for the FAQ first because there are a lot of possible answers to some of the issues you might experience. If the FAQ is of no help, then go ahead and contact their customer support through the Live Chat.

But, considering how important and respected BetWay is (even sponsoring West Ham United in the Premiership as well as Ninjas in Pyjamas), problems on the site are probably going to be at zero for your time there. Of course, nothing in life is perfect and some bugs can happen so it’s important you’re well educated on how their customer support system works and is it worth it.

In the end, they’re very helpful and will help you as soon as possible, without too much of a hassle. The team is experienced and they know their way around anything you might encounter, so BetWay deserves a big plus for how they handle potential customer problems.

BetWay Review | Betting Licences

I think that it goes without saying that BetWay has all the necessary licensing to be allowed to function. After all, they do have sponsorships with well-respected teams from their respective sports. And even then, they couldn’t have brought in so many visitors to their official betting website.

But just in case you don’t believe me, here’s the gist of it. BetWay is a Maltese company that falls under the regulations and laws of Great Britain. The licenses have been given out and they’re still in effect; you can see all this information if you scroll down to the bottom of the website.

So, is BetWay shady in any way? Of course not!

BetWay Review | Final Thoughts

I don’t have a lot more to say about this bookmakers. Their eSports betting section is rich with content and not difficult to navigate. They’re also sparing you some time by giving you an instant “Live Now” button as well as the popular button (which basically shows you the current most popular bets).

The game assortment is big, the payment method number is great, and the customer support team is exactly as it should be – effective. There were no hiccups on the website while I was there and overall, my experience on BetWay has been a positive one.

If you’ve been looking for a betting website that contains a proper eSports section – you’ve come to the right place. I’m sure your experience there will be as good as mine but hey – you can’t know that until you check it out!

How to Find your Favorite eSports Bets on BetWay

Nothing too complicated here. Once you visit their home page, there are two ways to jump to the eSports section. One method includes clicking the eSports button at the top of the site (between Live Casino and Vegas). The second one is the same; except the button is beneath the login information tab (there’s an image of a gamepad next to the eSports text).

Once there, you’ll see four buttons. The first one is popular (which I mentioned before). The second one is Live Now (which takes you to the tournaments/games happening at this moment), the third one is coupons (self-explanatory, no?), and finally, you’ve got the All eSports button. This one is handy when you want to see what games will be live when. And that’s basically it! Place your bets and enjoy the show!

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