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cs summit 2019

Beyond the summit is and offline invitational tournament that is being played in LA. With a price pool as big as $150,000, you can expect some exciting teams being in the competition. And in this one the big names were Team Liquid, Team Vitality and ENCE. With it’s finish we touch the format, results and expectations for ahead.

It started on 23rd May with a double Round-Robin format every team playing each other two times in a Bo1, with the top 4 teams out of 6 going to the Playoffs and competing for the grand prize. In the group stage the most successful team came out as Team Vitality going 8-2 in the group, with Liquid, ENCE and NRG going in behind and securing a spot in the playoffs.

With that said there was a bit of disappointment with the likes of Renegades going out of the tournament with only 2 wins out of 10 games played, which could be because of them playing with a standin in the from of Smooya and missing their main AWPer Gratisfaction.

gratisfaction csgo

After the finishing of the group stage, the playoffs came. Team Vitality facing ENCE and Team Liquid going against NRG Gaming.


The first match was the more exciting to watch of those two with Vitality going 0-1 down in the first map, and battling a 2-1 victory with the last map of the series Inferno them going down 11-4 on halftime and grinding back to win on overtime to cement their spot in the finals.

The second game of the day was the American derby in which Liquid came on top pretty easily winning 2-0 in a not so hard games for them. And when everything was over, the finals were Team Liquid facing the strongest team of the tournament in the form of Vitality.

csgo beyond the summit

We were all expecting a very interesting finals, with both teams fighting for the champion title but we didn’t get that. On the contrary we got a final where Vitality swept the floor with Liquid beating them on Nuke and Overpass, 16-9 and 16-13.

team vitality esports

All in all we got an exciting tournament with a lot of action and frags that we can rewatch and enjoy until the next big tournament is in our grasp. Until then, enjoy the Beyond the Summit tournament!

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