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Feuds in Esports and Esports rivalries are some of the most interesting aspects of the gaming industry.

With thousands of competitive professional gamers out there, it seems inevitable for a few feuds in Esports to occur. The feuds that have happened over the years have been highly entertaining, to say the least. You may want to get some popcorn and make yourself comfortable for this list, because this one should be a doozy. Here are the top five biggest player feuds in Esports!

5. TSMReginald vs. HotshotGG

This beef originated within the popular League of Legends team known as “CLG,” when TSMReginald used to play for them. Eventually, Reginald left the group and became the owner of his own team known as “TSM.”

Reginald HotShotGG Esports Rivalries

This team became huge rivals with CLG, which only amplified one of the most entertaining feuds in Esports. The two popular gamers have gone as far as creating humiliating bets against one another.

4. Daigo vs. Justin Wong

Daigo was viewed by many people as one of the best fighting game Esports competitors on the planet. The Japanese gamer seemed almost unstoppable in his prime. His rival, Justin Wong, is an American gamer who didn’t really receive that same level of respect… until he defeated Daigo in EVOL 2004, in one of the greatest Street Fighter matches in history.

After this, their rivalry became one of the most popular feuds in Esports. They have played each other in countless matches since then, and it is highly likely that they will continue to have epic matches against one another in the future.

3. K-Brad vs. WolfKrone

One of the most memorable Esports rivalries to date is the feud between K-Brad and Wolfkrone. The two highly skilled Street Fighter players consistently talk trash to each other, regardless if it’s on social media or in person.

Esports Rivalries Street Fighter

Cool looking dudes right here

To put it simply, these two individuals are definitely not fond of one another. Whenever they face each other head to head, expect a lot of profanity and animosity between them, because there is nothing friendly about this feud.

2. FaZe Clan vs. OpTic Gaming

This rivalry is one of the most exciting feuds in Esports. These two teams were dominant in Call of Duty, and whenever they faced each other, crazy matches almost always occurred. FaZe and OpTic were always insanely competitive against one another. They have huge followings on YouTube, so the fanbases of both teams have also played a pretty significant role in the massive scale of one of the biggest Esports rivalries of all time.

1. SKT vs. KT Rolster

These two teams are arguably the two best League of Legends Esports teams in the world, and their dominance at the top is why this rivalry took the number one spot. The origin of one of the most intense Esports rivalries in the world dates all the way back to Starcraft, when the teams would battle it out in a close and highly competitive fashion. They eventually started becoming elite at League of Legends, and the rivalry continued to rage on. It it were not for this rivalry, the League of Legends gaming community might be in a much different place.


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