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blast pro series lisbon 2018

The end of year CSGO tournament that most people dearly expect, the BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018 was a cracking one. Even though Astralis completely dominated the entire competition (which was expected by the general public), the matches we saw were something else. Playing eSports is never easy but these players show us how it’s done!

And it’s only fitting that such a tournament at a time when festivities are about to begin ends up being one of the best of the current competitive year. Setting aside the fact that Astralis were the clear favorites, Na’Vi actually achieved a surprisingly good result!

With the exception of Astralis, the other results were not what everyone expected. Let’s take a look at how the BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018 wrapped up and what exactly happened.

Group Stage Results

Okay, so you already know that Astralis took the tournament win, but did you know that they didn’t lose a single game? Yup! They ended up 5-0-0 in the group stage and went on to win against Na’Vi in the Grand Finals 2-1.

Apart from that one game, Astralis was absolutely stunning and have set the bar even higher on what is considered the best in CSGO.

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Na’Vi came second but only because they won against Cloud9 who had the same number of victories and losses as Na’Vi (the tournament didn’t feature KDA differences but rather the result a team achieved against another team with the same number of points).

Cloud9 pulled a great performance but they couldn’t beat Astralis and Na’Vi (although it was much closer against Astralis). A commendable effort nonetheless.

MIBR was fourth which isn’t surprising considering they’re going through some roster changes. The biggest surprise was definitely FaZe Clan who just couldn’t pull out good performances. FaZe couldn’t muster a single victory and achieved 2 draws + 3 losses.

Finally, sixth place was taken by Ninjas in Pyjamas who only managed the one draw against FaZe Clan.

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Pro Standoff

Before the Grand Finals we had the Pro Standoff between Cloud9 and FaZe Clan. Rain (FaZe) took the first round by winning 7-6 against RUSH (C9). The second round was won by NiKo (FaZe) when he played against kioShiMa (C9). He won comfortably with 7-3.

Cloud9 managed to turn it around with the help of refrezh who played against olofmeister (7-6 to C9’s refrezh). FaZe Clan confirmed their Pro Standoff victory with karrigan’s 7-5 win over C9’s flusha. The last match was technically just for show but C9’s autimatic won 7-3 against FaZe Clan’s GuardiaN.

Grand Finals

Most people expected Astralis to take the win no matter who they faced but they took a shocking defeat in the first round. Na’Vi won the round 16-7 but Astralis came around and destroyed Na’Vi in the following two rounds.

And, because of their stellar performance, Astralis take home the win and $125,000 in prize money!


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