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BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles

The last of the BLAST Pro Series 2019 events (or, as they like to call themselves, The world’s most entertaining Esports tournament) will happen in Los Angeles, California. The fourth event this year will take place on July 12 – 13, featuring six teams fighting over the $250,000 prize pool.

In general, these events are continuing to grow, as RFRSH Entertainment invests a lot of resources to push it to expand. This year, we already had three events take place, the first of which was the one that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The other two were Miami and Madrid, and now we will see BLAST Pro Series take place in Los Angeles.

It already looks like a lot of tournaments, but they do not plan on stopping there. Not even close, actually.

This is the year with the most BLAST Pro Series events, and they are sparing no expense. In addition to the aforementioned four tournaments, BLAST Pro Series is scheduled to hold four more at locations that are yet to be disclosed.

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 Format

The Los Angeles event will be held as a Single Round-Robin format group. All matches will be Best of 1. The top two teams advance to the Grand Final which is a Best of 3 series match.

The $250,000 prize pool money will be distributed as follows – 1st takes $125,000 home, 2nd takes $50,000, 3rd $25,000, 4th $15,000, 5th $10,000, and 6th $5,000.

Disclosed Participants:

  • Cloud9

  • FaZe Clan

  • Team Liquid

  • MIBR

With two more teams yet to be disclosed.

The BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 will be the last of the four events disclosed as of now. The huge prize pool assures some interesting scenes, and we will have a serious fight between the best teams we can see.

BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo

The first BLAST Pro Series event took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 22-23. Unsurprisingly, the Danish CSGO goliath Astralis took the victory yet again. Winning on this star-packed event is by no means a straightforward task, and they finished it by defeating Team Liquid in the Grand Finals.

In the finals, Team Liquid chose Dust II. Historically, this was the most comfortable map for the team. Astralis then banned Cache, which was a good move by the team to ensure overall victory in the end. Of course, they then picked Inferno – one of the maps they are the best at.

The fight was by no means boring, but in the end, the Danish team won conclusively with a score of 2-0. Team Liquid put up a great fight for that $125,000 reward but they were simply no match for the multiple champions. Of course, their own $50,000 second-place reward is not to be thrown away at all.

BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo

The event’s MVP was Astralis’ went to Nicolai “device” Reedtz. The superstar got the medal for leading the Danes to their second title this year, with the record 1.35 rating on the tournament across all eight maps played. This is his first MVP medal this year and his eighth in the span of the last 10 months.

BLAST Pro Series Miami

The next BLAST Pro Series event took place in Watsco Center in Miami, Florida. Happening on April 12 and 13, we saw six powerful teams compete: Astralis, Team Liquid, Cloud9, FaZe Clan, MIBR and Na’Vi.

This time, however, Astralis didn’t do as well. Actually, they didn’t do well at all. This is how the teams ranked:

  1. FaZe Clan
  2. Team Liquid
  3. MIBR
  4. Natus Vincere
  5. Astralis
  6. Cloud9

On a tournament with six teams, Astralis, the world’s leading team, ended up fifth. After the victory and a prize of $125,000 on BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo, the $10,000 they won here seems like loose change. Only Emil “Magisk” Reif finished with a positive amount of points (90), but that wasn’t enough to justify his price tag of $228,000.

Miami Prize

This gave an opportunity for another team to shine. FaZe Clan took a surprising victory, along with an expected MVP award for Nikola “NiKo” Kovač. The winning formula was having a combo of NiKo and Keith “NAF” Markovic, who brought in 179 pre-bonus for only $192,000.

BLAST Pro Series Madrid

The third BLAST Pro Series event took place in Madrid, Spain. This time, ENCE took the crown after defeating Astralis 2-0, who managed to get back on their feet after a fifth place in Miami. The teams ranked as follows:

  1. ENCE
  2. Astralis
  3. NiP
  4. Natus Vincere
  5. Cloud9
  6. Giants

As we already have, we are guaranteed to see heavy clashes between the worlds best teams. With an unexpected flop from the Danish powerhouse, we are reminded that nothing is certain and anything can happen. So, be sure to watch it on July 12-13!


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