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Hello and welcome to the Esports Insider. Today we're going to talk about the new Blizzard's Own Creative Mode.

We’re happy to introduce you to the release of Blizzard’s own creative mode in Overwatch. The brand new Workshop works as a script editor that allows you to create any kind of game mode that your heart desires. It’s currently available on the test-server, but in the close future, PC and consoles will also have access to it.

The landscape of the map or any items are not changable, but, you can create your own characters and specify any special match parameters in it. To give you an idea of what it might look like, the devs created their own models “Paul – this is lava” and “Mirror Fight.” First mode’s catch is ‘the floor is lava’. While in the second one, everyone plays the same character, but additionally they change after every minute.

For precautionary measures, the devs also added a unique debugging program within the Workshop. The program automatically informs the devs of any glitches that occur in the new creative mode. It’s important to mention that you will need to have basic programming and game design knowledge to be able to maneuver over it. To make it easier to understand the fundamentals, Blizzard was kind to introduce us to some template game modes.

What are Blizzard’s Creative Mode Most Popular Models?

Just a couple of hours after the release of the Blizard’s own creative mode, some awesome models have already been manufactured. One of the most popular are the casual Counter-Strike and Call of Duty modes.

The coding script of these two modes can be found on the subreddit of Overwatch. It’s practically the rewritten Arms Race mode of Counter-Strike and Call of Duty’s Gun Game mode. Each player starts with an equivalent weapon, and the weapons upgrade each time you score a kill.

But in the Overwatch version, after executing a kill won’t grant you a better weapon, but you will spawn as the next character. The player who executes a kill on every single character is declared the winner. You can always mix-up the order of the characters, or even better, you can do what you want. Just go crazy with it, explore your creativity.


Blizzards own creative mode

Image courtesy: Overwatch

It’s incredible to see Blizzard release such an exciting mode within the game, where you can freely explore your creativity. Just imagine the possibilities you can come up with. The Zombie Apocalypse, maybe Pacman, some Pokemon adventure, you name it.

Or eventually you will come up with something that isn’t in the stereotypic element. Maybe you’ll come up with a game mode the world has never seen before, and it becomes the meta everyone wants to play with. You’ll never know unless you try. I hope you enjoy the new Blizzard’s own creative mode, and with this, we conclude today’s Esports Insider.

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