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The blockchain gaming company under the name of Immutable (who are behind Gods Unchained) has raised more than $15 million that’ll go towards improving the game. They have achieved this thanks to Naspers Ventures and other, similar VC companies. Immutable was previously known as Fuel Games.

Recently, Immutable has announced the extra $15m that was raised in Series A funding whose leader was Naspers Ventures.

What does this Mean for the Blockchain Gaming Company?

Essentially, Immutable isn’t backing down on perfecting their flagship project – Gods Unchained. Gods unchained is a cryptocurrency collectible card game that is based on blockchain (go figure). Because of this, it is versatile and secure to the utmost limits.

Gods Unchained Immutable

Spooky stuff oooo

However, this isn’t the only way the extra cash will be used; no no. Immutable plans to use some of the cash to create an ‘Immutable Platform’; a blockchain platform that would give people, game lovers, code lovers, and the like the ability to create their own games. These games would feature unique skins, cards, weapons, graphics – you name it! The ‘Immutable Platform’ would be its own standalone developer kit which should ease accessibility to newcomers.

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How Does Gods Unchained Work?

Gods Unchained is a game similar to Hearthstone or Artifact (pls no). It revolves around a concept where players are rewarded for playing a game. Well, winning a game at least. What this means for the community (and players) is that they can give value to their in-game performances. Win a game – earn some rewards. And the great part is that these winning rewards (or assets) can be then sold on the market.


Any card you use during the game is tokenized and given value according to the Ethereum blockchain. Most of you should be familiar with this system.

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Players take individual turns during the entirety of the match. They use decks which usually have around 30 cards each (uniquely created by players themselves, the decks) and the goal is to destroy the other person’s god. Immutable, the blockchain gaming company, has used some mechanics that are similar to other games but have, in the broad spectrum, created something unique and exciting (and rewarding!).

gods unchained cards

These might be shiny.. and they might not be..

The blockchain gaming company has released its brainchild; the play-to-earn system which is better known as the ‘Genesis Raffle’. To enter the raffle, you must have tokens that are based on Ethereum (ie the ones Immutable uses in Gods Unchained). You can win these tokens by recruiting friends or beating opponents in battle. The raffle can win you some special cards with special powers!

You can also decide to sell these tokens on the marketplace if you don’t fancy entering a raffle.

How Big is Immutable?

Well, for a company that’s been around for a year (originally created in 2018 under the name ‘Fuel Games’), they’ve achieved a lot. This blockchain gaming company has raised around $2.5m from funding during its original stint; Coinbase, Sora Ventures, Continue Capital all contributed to the company. After the release (and hype) of Gods Unchained, Immutable raised the bar even higher (and raised more resources).

To show you just how efficiently Immutable works – last year, they sold a card for $62,000 (card’s name was Hyperion). This is nearly the most expensive card in Gods Unchained.

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Gods Unchained has sold more than 4 million cards (which is a lot) and earned around $5mil from the sales (which is also, a lot!). As for Immutable – they plan on giving $450k as prizes for next year’s World Championship in Gods Unchained!

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