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Populous is on its way building a new eSports Arena.

A $50 million eSports Arena is planned to be built on the Philadelphian soil by the end of the year 2021. The 65,000-square-foot Fusion Arena construction site is located at the South part of the country, just a mile away from the Sports Complex, where Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles gather to play.

The planned Fusion eSports Arena will be constructed by Comcast Spectacor, the Philadelphia-based American sports and entertainment company. The funding will arrange the Cordish Companies, the U.S.-based Real Estate development and entertainment organizers.

While the design will be left to Populous, the architectural masterminds, which some of their projects might sound familiar to you – The Nationals Park, The Yankee, and The Gillette Stadium.

One of the most famous eSports Arena Design in the world right now.

Image courtesy : Populous

For the admirers of the Gaming Professional Scene, this is a big step in the eSports world. But for its majority of 453 million fans around the globe, this was not only a big step but a necessity. The total income for eSports has hit $1.1-billion this year, and its only the beginning of the soon-to-be multi-billion company.

You can find more on this in the following article – $1 Billion Company welcomes more industries to enhance their development.

The eSports Arena design is one of a kind, and it consists out of 4 segments. They are purposely built to bring you a full view experience independently where your seat is positioned (just like the Colosseum’s sound effect in the ancient Roman history).

It also has a pinch of what we love to call The Stealth Mode – to build up the excitment. And most importantly, you can freely roam throughout the eSports Arena between a couple of social areas. All of which is packed with the Top-Tear Tech for the full experience of the game.

What are the 4 segments of an eSports Arena Design?

Full View Experience

When watching other sports, your eyes are focused on the field, and from a further perspective of the stadium you just might not catch the full glimpse of the action. But when it comes to the eSports Arena, you have a completely different perspective.

Designers have optimized sight-lines between the seats, and with an addition to this, you will have multiple screens on stage. This will allow you to have a full-view experience no matter where you seat is positioned in the eSports Arena.

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The Stealth Mode

The Stealth Mode is included for two reasons.

The first reason is to protect the privacy of players and prevent rule breaking. If we could see directly players’ gaming preparations, it wouldn’t be fun. With that, someone from the audience would most definitely shoutout to the opposing team what the first one is doing. Just to be sure that doesn’t happen, players have a soundproof booth. This way the information that might give them an advantage will surely not reach them.

The second reason – everybody loves the ‘2-minute dark’ in a large facility.

Top-Tear Tech

Top-Tear Tech infrastructure is crucial to both the players and the audience to fully grasp the experience of the game.

The players are equipped with first-class headset, newest wireless gaming keyboards with as well wireless mouses. They also have a training facility of 10,000-square-foot with a lounge area, and locker room. This training facility provides them with the space required to prepare for the upcoming game.

The eSports Arena's equip is top tear.

Image courtesy: wpblink.com

On the other hand, the audience is provided with USB ports beside their seats. These USB Ports have a customizable screens in their loge boxes, which allows the audience to stream and live-tweet free to their desire. Additional to the USB ports, the audience also has a fully wireless experience of purchasing merchandise, food, and beverage.

Ability to Roam

And lastly, you can move around as much as you want. Designers of the eSports Arena know that the competition can last up to 10 hours, thus creating additional social areas was a priority. For the eSports Fusion Arena, in particular, they included two social areas and two balcony bars. From these positions, you can grab a bear, while still being able to follow the competition. Pretty neat, ay?


Conclusion of an eSports Arena Design

Thankfully the world is moving forward in the eSports industry. They’re slowly, but surely expanding one Arena at the time, with each new one being better than the last one, making it a greater experience for the audience year by year.

Will the robots serve us at the eSports Arena one day?

Image courtesy : Forbes

Who knows what we can expect next. Roaming screens throughout the Arena? Robots delivering food and beverage to our seats? We will follow the eSports scene, and with our eSports Insider, you will be the first one to find out.

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