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Robert Kraft New England Patriots

Hard times to come for the Boston Uprising owner Robert Kraft, as the 77-years old businessman faces misdemeanor charges for soliciting prostitution acts at the Orchids of Asia Spa in Jupiter, Florida.

Robert Kraft Boston Uprising owner

How did Robert Kraft get accused?

Kraft is not the only one being faced with charges, as dozens of others fell under the investigation conducted by the Martin County’s Sheriff Department. The Spa has been suspected of human trafficking women and forcing them to perform sexual acts with the clients, one of them being the Boston Uprising’s owner.

Sheriff’s Department managed to get a warrant to secretly install hidden cameras at the object. Investigators entered the building under the disguise of a possible bomb threat, which gave them enough time to set everything up. After observing the possessed footage, sexual activities were confirmed, and charges were delivered to 25 people.

Boston Uprising owner Kraft

Will Robert Kraft’s Spa footage be shown?

Usage of this footage did cause some controversy, as it truly does affect even those who were not involved in illegal activities. Kraft’s lawyers were quick to note that using such methods should be reserved for more extreme criminal cases, not a sexual misdemeanor. They have pointed out that law enforcement agents did very little to secure the privacy of customers receiving regular massages, and, as they hold Boston Uprising’s owner innocent, the constant monitoring violated his rights. In response, officers have said that the recording screen was reduced to a minimum during regular activities.

Personally, I can agree that no one has rights to monitor what we do in-between closed doors. However, as human trafficking is involved in this case, some actions may be justified. On the contrary, people tangled in this case were probably not aware that the workers were being used as sex slaves, many of them paying for the received services.

The court has recently ruled that video evidence will not be released or used in the case until the next hearing takes place, scheduled on May 21.

What should we expect from the defense of Boston Uprising owner?

Another problem that catches the eye is the fact that Kraft is a philanthropist. He has already donated over a $100 million to education, child- and women-related issues, healthcare and youth sports. Some foundations have already decided to stop accepting donations received from him, as they do not want to partake in supporting a suspected offender. I still highly doubt that something like this will not be added to his defense, as the public image of this man is quite contrary to the ongoing case.

Overwatch Boston Uprising owner Kraft

How will these accusations affect the England Patriots and Boston Uprising owner Kraft?

If Kraft was to pledge guilty, he would be charged with 100 hours of community service, some lecturing about the dangers of prostitution, and pay a fine of $5000 for each charged count.

This may sound like a ludicrous fine for a billionaire, and yet he has assembled a dream team of lawyers to prove his innocence. The fact is that there is a lot more at stake here than the small punishment he would receive from the court. Kraft has found himself at risk of losing not only his personal pride but the rights to ownership of the NFL club New England Patriots and professional Overwatch League team Boston Uprising. I’m not in any way saying he is guilty, but it will be interesting to see how much freedom money can really buy you.

Overwatch Boston Uprising

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Boston Uprising did not make comments on the occasion. This does not come as a surprise, due to the nature of the sport and the professional Overwatch League team probably not wanting to get the crowd involved in such matters. It’s hard to say what effect will this have on the future of the team, as having an experienced patron behind you can definitely add up to the wellbeing of everyone.

My honest hopes are that the Orchids of Asia Spa incident will not have an effect on the players and personnel involved in Boston Uprising and that the justice will be brought in the end, no matter how ugly the truth may be.

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