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In Rastakhan’s Rumble, there are some newly introduced champions to play.  To accommodate them, every new Tavern Brawl introduces a new game style and rules that make the usual Hearthstone gameplay different. This new brawl was named “Brawl of Champions”.

This champion will be class-based and will give you a specific Shrine. Every Shrine has a specific ability that is tied to your class. It has a specified health number and it can be destroyed, just like any minion. However, unlike minions, Shrines come back to life three turns after destruction.

Every Champion comes with a premade deck. The libraries will feature cards that are specifically useful to utilize the benefit of that Champion’s shrine.

Brawl of Champions

Each class has a unique playstyle with the power of their Shrine. It is expected for more updates to come over this three-week period, so the Champion’s decks and Shrines will change. This way, they keep the Brawl exciting and the players get new content periodically.

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While the event is running, if you log on to your account you will be offered to play with a quest that invites you to play Tavern Brawl three times. In exchange for this, you will get the Rastakhan’s Rumble pack. This quest will be called “For the Glory of Rastakhan” and will be repeatable if you are unlucky the first time.

Players will have nine Champions to choose from, one for every class. The Brawl of Champions is set to begin on February 13 and ends on March 3. If you’d like to receive some free packs, be sure to give Brawl of Champions a shot!

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