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As big as these news are, you have probably heard that Activision, a US video game publisher and Bungie, a US video game developer have abruptly ended their partnership after nearly ten years. Allegedly, the reasoning behind the Bungie and Activision split is that Destiny 2 was underperforming sales wise.

While the game itself was selling rather well, the active player base has been rapidly declining, and taking into account that Activision makes a large portion of their income based on microtransactions and DLCs, we can see the why this happened.

Bungie and Activision Split

The partnership was signed back in 2010 and the original plan was for Bungie to develop four Destiny titles. Obviously, they have not achieved this, but Destiny franchise is now owned by Bungie itself.

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This might be great news for the company, since they now have much greater freedom in decisions they can make and business models they can use. Of course, this can go to any direction.


The effects that the Bungie and Activision split up will have on the companies and gaming community is unknown. We are eager to see how this will influence eSports and the status of Activision and Bungie in eSports community.


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