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Aidan „Zirene“ Moon, the famous caster of League of Legends, announced he has no more intentions working with Riot Games. As his final day of work for Riot Games was on  March 7th, he has posted a Twitter post for the world to fully grasp his intentions:

„After 5 years of shouting at league – March 7th was my last day at Riot Games. I have left to explore and pursue other opportunities. I will be returning to streaming, content creation, and seeing what other offers are out there for me. Thanks for all your love and support, ggwp“

Image Credit: Riot Games

Zirene began his work for Riot Games in early 2014 not only to cast but bring life to the NA Challenger series. He later went on to join the NA LCS broadcast team, where his talents were found, and since then, he remained as their main caster for years.

It is unknown if he will look for more opportunities casting for games other than  League of Legends, but from what we can tell, he’s in need of new opportunities in life and is grateful for all the experience he has gained through his 5 year relationship with Riot’s most famous game, League of Legends.

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