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Late in January, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (CMHRSS) officially announced that fifteen new professions are going to be added to the Chinese official list of occupations. This includes Esports and means that China Esports will be getting more attention than ever before.

According to the CMHRSS, an Esports professional is defined as someone who competes in Esports tournaments, performs at events, or trains with other pro players. Also, they defined an Esports operator as someone whose work is about the planning of such events, maintaining Esports media channels and producing content based on Esports events.

Additionally, the CMHRSS noted that “account boosting” is one of the main jobs accompanying the esports profession. Account boosting is punishable in many games, like Overwatch, or League of Legends. We are currently unsure whether this is a misunderstanding or a lack of communication between the Chinese government and the Esports industry.

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This recognition is certainly overdue. China is already a powerhouse in Esports, hosting some of the largest Esports events to date. It is somewhat similar to a path the US government enacted a few years ago. US Esports professionals then gained the right for visa assistance, much like that of professional athletes.

china esports

This new assistance from the Chinese government will help Chinese players develop their business. They will now enjoy extended working rights and freedom of movement. Getting a hold of visas will also be easier under this new plan.


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