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Another great piece of news for all the Rainbow Six Siege fans, as we have the Cloud9 family re-entering the competitive circuits of the game.

We can all agree that competition without Cloud9 in it just seems empty, as where ever they roam, an army of fans and highly professional players just follow up.

So, who is this All-Korean roaster C9 has signed?

Cloud9 re-enters Rainbow Six Siege

Cloud9 has announced earlier this month, that they will be coming back despite leaving the Rainbow Six: Siege scene in January. There is no doubt that a return like this will send shivers down the spines to other competitors, as the Cloud9 team managed to pass multiple times to the International LANs in the past. The new composition of the team was made by singing an entire roaster of the South Korean team, mantisFPS.

mantis fps

Players that have joined the organization are  Inyup Neilyo Lee, Yugeun h3dy Kwon, Seongsoo EnvyTaylor Kim, Chanyoung SweetBlack Han, and Sihun Nova Lee. Also joining the team is head coach Inyeong SummerRain Kim and assistant coach Hyun OCN Park.

Jack Etienne, Cloud 9 CEO & Owner has stated following this signing:

“We’re super excited to be back in the R6 scene and we know this team is going to make waves right away. Their ability to not only be successful but to sustain it for months on end caught everyone’s attention and we’re looking forward to them continuing that run. Welcome to Cloud9!” — Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner

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Have no doubt about this roaster, as they have been a dominant force, taking on the Asia Pacific Qualifier for the Six Invitational 2019, Six Challenge Korea 2019, and managed to stay on the top in Korea Cup Monthly four consecutive months, from September to December!

cloud9 R6S Roster

A comment was also made by former mantisFPS, now Cloud 9 Head coach Inyeong ‘SummerRain‘ Kim, stating:

“We are so happy to finally get this news out to the world. But we also feel heavy responsibility as Cloud9 and we’re facing APAC Finals next week. Being Cloud9 won’t make us strong all of a sudden. but we believe. for our old fan, for new Cloud9 fan who watching with expectation and worry, and for the Cloud9 that trusted and chosen us. we will do our best to show you good results this year. please keep watching us in @Cloud9 . and good night Mr.mantis you can rest now :)”

Aside from their dominant play in South Korea, in the International competitions, they haven’t managed to pass the group stage in the 2019 Six Invitational, which made some fans slightly worried.


Korea cup

What can we expect from Cloud9 in the future?

Taken into consideration that by this signing, they now have C9 behind their backs, and can put aside their day-to-day worries and start thinking seriously about improving their play.
It’s just a matter of time before they hit the big screen again.

As they have shown us all the potential they have with this roaster,  an organization like this can go far beyond their homeland.
The team can now start thinking about showing the world that they deserve a place amongst the best.


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