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Codemasters is one of the best-known companies for developing motorsport video-games. To date, they have developed many known titles such as DiRT, GRID, F1 and ONRUSH. Almost naturally, recently Codemasters and Motorsport Network partnership was announced!

Motorsport Network, founded in 2015, is an international media and tech company with headquarters in London, United Kingdom and Miami, Florida. They mostly focus on motorsport racing and automotive content aimed at consumers.

Codemasters and Motorsport Network

The point of this partnership is to boost the Esports programs for Codemasters’ titles and attract a larger audience. With Motorsport Network having ties with major websites such as Autosport.com, Motorsport.com and such, they have the muscle to boost the Codemasters’ titles into global Esports competitions.

One of the most promising games for this purpose is DiRT Rally 2.0. It features a lot of exciting things. Some of those are a focused off-road experience, an unique handling model, terrain deformation, 50 most powerful off-road cars… You name it. The environments are plentiful, featuring New Zealand, Spain, Argentina, Poland, Australia, and the USA.

For this exciting event, Frank Sagnier, CEO of Codemasters said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Motorsport Network – a company that not only shares our love of motor racing but has great expertise and an enormous consumer reach. The combination of our passionate communities, Codemasters’ great games and Motorsport Network’s impressive range of operations should make the next few years of esports very exciting.”

Motorsport Network has an established track record and is a founder of the Le Mans Esports Series. They are also the owners of 704Games, the platform provider for the eNASCAR Heat Pro League. With this in mind, this Codemasters and Motorsport Network can be truly spectacular.

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From Motorsport Network’s side, the company’s president James Allen said: “Codemasters is a trailblazing publisher that, by common consent, has defined racing games. Through this formidable alliance, we plan to put Codemasters’ iconic titles at the heart of a new, global esports programme that we can deliver to the very heartland of motor racing’s fan networks.”


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