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Esports scholarships to pro gamer

The gaming industry becomes more and more popular in recent years. While in the past gamers were nothing more than people playing games and “wasting their time”, as the time passes people started to recognize it and realize that there is money to be made in it. How? Well from organizing tournaments to streaming and getting big sponsorships for it the Esports industry started to grow bigger, and with that the fan base and player base grew as well. This brought completely new things; such as the appearance of Esports scholarships in the US.

With all that said even the schools and colleges began paying attention to it and started giving so called “Esports scholarships”. With competitions starting to show up and the big prize pools of them, the colleges began piecing together their own teams containing players that the college had given scholarship to so it can represent them in the gaming world.

Which Colleges Offer Esports Scholarships in the US?

4. Miami University (of Ohio)


esports scholarship in the us miami ohio

This is a school that’s competing in Division I athletics , and the first top-tier US university that began an Esports scholarship program. This all began by the popular Esports student run club asking for an official program that can support them. And being so successful and popular certainly helped them secure it.

One of the bigger things that this program archived is the first place in the NACE Overwatch Tournament in 2017 season by their Overwatch team. So when you think about it, how about applying and being one of those students who are in due to their skill and being supported by their own university?


3. Maryville University of Saint Louis

colleges offer Esports scholarships maryville saint louis

Beginning its Esports program in 2015 it became the biggest name in the world of college Esports. Focusing on its League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm teams they managed to win the 2016 League of Legends championship and went on a 40 game winning streak in the 2017 Collegiate Star League. It has the support of professional players being their coaches/analysts and leading them to such a great success stories.

They have regular practices and frequently scrim with other college or professional teams and their Esports scholarship go for as much as $2.000. A lot of money? Yea but imagine getting the money and the fame with it. In my book that’s the coolest thing.


2. University of California-Irvine

UC Irvine Esports College

The first public school that started the Esports program and had their teams. Focused on Overwatch and League of Legends it awards big scholarships as high as $5.610 for League of Legends players and $2.500 for Overwatch players, and has one of the best Esports facilities in the country. It has more than 70 gaming computers and staff that is focused on all that to work.

Playing on a computers designed especially for gaming is not such a bad thing, but the school giving you Esports scholarships for you to do those things is even better won’t you say? And even though this university is focused so much on the gaming their studying program is not bad at all with the university delivering graduates with big scores also.


1. Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University

Another of the colleges that gives out Esports scholarships to students, with the Eagles taking the second place behind Miami University in the 2017 NACE Championship in a close match. With big part of this university focusing solely on the gaming, maybe it would interest you that it has teams in Overwatch, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty and CS GO, games that not a lot of the other universities have?


Having won a lot of 1st and 2nd place finishes this university is surely a chance for you to prove yourself and become the professional gamer you always wanted to be!

Maybe some years ago it may have been hard for gamers to do what they love and study in the meantime, but now with all those colleges offering scholarships and the gamer world getting more established around the world you can surely play what you like and focus on the studying that your parents are pressuring to do.

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